11 Best Dog Food Options In Illinois

It’s immaterial where you live or the kind of dog you have—You want to give them the best food you can afford. And with so many brands out there, it can be hard to know which to pick. You want the absolute best for your dog, including finding the right food. We’ve put together this list of some best dog food options in Illinois to help you.

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The best dog food options in Illinois vary and depend on the type of dog you have. While some dogs need a lot of protein and fat, other dogs may not be able to digest those types of food. Some dogs need specific types of meat, while others can eat whatever they want.
Best Dog Food Options In Illinois

There are many options for your dog’s diet in Illinois, depending on what kind of dog they are and how much money you want to spend. When choosing a dog’s food, you should consider your dog’s age, breed, size, activity level, and any dietary restrictions they might have. Also, consider your lifestyle and budget.

Highlights of Best Dog Food Options In Illinois

Blue Buffalo Wilderness
This brand has a reputation for healthy dog food choices, and they have loyal customers who swear by the benefits their pets receive from eating the food. One reason people love this brand is that they don’t use fillers. They only use fresh ingredients, and they do not use by-products.

Diamond Naturals
Diamond Naturals is an excellent choice for pet owners searching for reliable pet food. They commit to offering only products free of corn, wheat, and soy.

Wellness Core Grain Free Dog Food
If you’re looking for a dog food free from grains, then Wellness’ Core Grain-Free Recipe is a great option. This option is rich in protein and low in carbs to provide balanced nutrition for healthy dogs, including complete proteins and added vitamins and minerals.

Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Merrick is an option for dogs of all ages. It is grain-free, so it’s suitable for puppies and grown dogs who might have sensitive digestive tracts. The ingredients list features deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, chicken fat and natural flavor as the first few items on the list.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food
Chicken is a primary ingredient in this food type. It is an excellent source of protein to help your puppy grow and develop quickly. This puppy food comes in two different sizes, depending on your dog’s needs and preference.

Nature’s Select Pet Food
Check out Nature’s Select Pet Food, available online and offers free delivery to your home or office within 48 hours. They only use USDA-certified meats, and their products are all grain-free and soy-free, so you can rest assured that what you’re feeding your pup is good for him.

Acana is a dog food company operating in Illinois for years. It is widely available, affordable, and easy to find—plus, it comes in an easy-to-use format that allows you to monitor the amount of food your dog is eating quickly. Acana, an all-natural dog food company, has a new line of dry dog food designed to help keep your dog healthy and happy.

AvoDerm Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
AvoDerm Dog Food is a high-quality, balanced grain-free dog food containing Omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat and carries real chicken and sweet potatoes. The recipe does contain some soybean meal, but it’s a small amount and may not have any adverse effect on your dog.

Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup is a brand of dog food available in dry and wet varieties; it’s also available as grain-free and senior-specific food.
The ingredients are generally healthy; they include fresh chicken, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and chelated minerals.

Fromm Gold Adult Dry Dog Food
With chicken, duck and lamb as its primary protein source and probiotics and omegas added to help with digestion and skin/coat health. The food is ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Puppy Food
The brand produces well-balanced, vegetarian food made with health-promoting ingredients. Its high-quality protein from brown rice promotes strong and healthy muscles without excess calories. Sweet potatoes and peas provide the carbohydrates for energy and fiber for easy digestion.


The best dog food options in Illinois contain meat as their main ingredient, along with a mixture of fruits, vegetables and grains such as rice or oats. They should supplement them with vitamins and minerals from fish oil or flaxseed oil capsules. Ensure that before buying any new brand of dog food, you carry out plenty of research into their ingredients and manufacturing processes. And remember: it’s always important to ask questions.

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