2023 Best Online Identity Theft Protection Services For Seniors

Identity theft has been a problem ever since the advent of credit cards, with the aim of the thieves to perpetrate credit fraud. However, with the dawning and gigantic presence of online commerce, including online banking, identity theft has become a very large scale and serious problem. Worse yet, these thieves especially prey upon seniors.

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While identity theft used to revolve around mostly things such as birth date, social security number, driver’s license number and address info; now it also involves bank account info, credit card info, investment account info, online account passwords and so on. And instead of relying on secretly copying your physical credit card or retrieving bills and such from your trash, now these thieves hack computers and online accounts or just plain old scam you online to get all this information.

The consequences of identity theft can be more than the loss of money, it can also entail a ruined credit report and financial standing – plus a huge amount of grief and bother. That is why using an identity theft protection service can be a very wise decision. These services carefully monitor the use of your personal information to check for any possible misuse. They do this 24/7, so they can alert you the moment an issue arises so you can deal with it before it gets any further out of hand. These services usually also offer recovery services that help you deal with the aftermath of any identity theft. This is particularly helpful for seniors, who might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next if they become a victim of identity theft. The best of these online theft protection services for seniors in 2023 are listed below.



Being a major national credit bureau, it is natural that they also offer an identity theft protection service.

– What they watch: All of your info on all three major credit bureaus, plus any activity regarding your social security number, bank accounts, loan applications, change of address requests and more. When they identify a problem with any monitored information, users receive a real-time alert notice via Experian’s IdentityWorks site.

– Assistance available: Dedicated fraud resolution support to help you get things back on track, plus they can also freeze your credit report to help protect you.

– Customer service: 24/7 automated phone system plus live representatives 7 days during business hours.

– Price: $10 per month for basic plan, $20 per month for premium. 30 day free trial available.

ID Watchdog

This company has a very broad reaching system of monitoring and protection.

– What they watch: A very wide range of information, including housing records, court records, criminal records, driving records, money transfers, payday loans, the dark web, and credit reports. Alerts are sent by email or SMS and you can self monitor all activity on your account via your online portal.

– Assistance available: An identity theft risk management specialist who will assess your case, and work with you until it’s resolved.

– Customer service: Help available 24/7 by calling a toll-free phone number.

– Price: $15 per month for basic plan, $20 for premium.


Offering a very comprehensive service, plus a guarantee to recover any lost money due to identity theft.

– What they watch: A wide range of data and activities including credit and financial fraud, change of address attempts, credit reports, the dark web, and unusual use of your social media accounts. Alerts are sent out almost immediately and you can receive them via email or on your mobile phone as a text alert.

– Assistance available: Assigned experts assist you in all aspects of recovery, including support, filing claims, and filing paperwork on your behalf.

– Customer service: 24/7 live support via a toll free phone number.

– Price: $18 per month for basic plan, $24 per month for premium plan. Limited free trial available.

Identity Guard

A very powerful protection solution, using the power of IBM’s artificial intelligence computers.

– What they watch: Their “Total” plan monitors account takeovers, tax refunds, wire transfers, cell and utility service applications, payday loan applications, and the dark web for your details, plus monthly credit score, notification of credit score changes, bank account takeovers, and requests to open new accounts in your name. Fast alerts are sent via email or smartphone app.

– Assistance offered: A dedicated case manager, who personally supervises your account for 60 days even after the problem is resolved.

– Customer service: Via phone or email Monday through Saturday.

– Price: $20 per month for their “Total” plan.


They are an identity theft protection service that works in conjunction with Norton anti-virus software.

– What they watch: Their “Advantage” plan monitors credit alerts and social security number use, and UPS change of address requests. It also includes dark web scanning and lost wallet protection. Also, bank and credit card activity alerts, crimes in your name, and credit monitoring from one credit bureau. Alerts are sent through either phone, email, or app notifications.

– Assistance offered: An assigned identity restoration specialist to work with you.

– Customer service: Available 24/7.

– Price: $20 per month for the first 12 months for their “Advantage” plan ($25 per month afterwards).

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