3 Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in Michigan

Discovering you have memory problems can be worrisome. The situation can be dire when diagnosed with Alzheimer a disorder that does not have a cure. However, that should not be the case given the kind of care that the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Michigan offer.

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It is normal to have memory lapses from time to time. However, it could signify bigger issues when it begins interfering with everyday functions making it difficult to live an independent life. Alzheimer is a cognitive disorder that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. While the exact cause of the disease is unknown, one is likely to develop it as they get older or have certain genes. Additionally, there is no available cure, but the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Michigan offer some of the best regimens that help control its progression and symptoms.

Whenever signs of memory lapses start kicking in, it is important to get a proper diagnosis. In the case of Alzheimer, a proper and complete physical exam is normally carried out, including a nervous system exam. A person’s medical history and symptoms may be requested in addition to mental function tests. CTI and MRI test provides better details that may help rule out other causes of memory lapses, such as brain tumor or chronic infection.

While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, the available treatment options help slow the progression of the disease. They also enable manage the symptoms such as behavior problems and sleep problems. The treatment regimen may include medication, diet, and a change of environment to help make daily activities easier. The best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Michigan also offer support to family members and other caregivers.

The Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in Michigan

The University of Michigan Health
The Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan Health System runs the Cognitive Disorders Program, which offers some of the best care and treatment for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer. The program boasts a multidisciplinary team of experts with experience and cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat the condition.

The multidisciplinary approach is essential as it enables the development of comprehensive treatment plans tailored to individual needs. The university has partnered with specialist neuropsychologists, Movement Disorders Program, and Nuclear Medicine to ensure patients get the best treatment and care.

Treatment at the hospital depends on the diagnosis. Nevertheless, it may include medications, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Patients may also be eligible to participate in clinical trials to receive the latest experimental therapies. The social work division and the entire team is devoted to supporting the patients and their family through chronic illness.

StoneCrest Center
StoneCrest Center is one of the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Michigan, focused on helping persons struggling with chronic conditions by building a strong foundation for long-term recovery. The clinic offers tests that help to accurately diagnose the condition. Once a diagnosis is made, the team of specialists kicks in to customize the various treatment options based on the individual needs.

The treatments available at StoneCrest Center are aimed at helping manage and temporarily slow the worsening of the symptoms. They also help in improving the overall quality of life. The treatment program also focuses on reintegrating patients into the community while enhancing their ability to solve problems. The compassionate team at the clinic provides a safe and supportive environment for patients with severe to life-threatening cognitive conditions.

MIND Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorder Center
Launched in 2020, MIND Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorder Center is a premier center for diagnosing, treating, and educating all memory disorders. Led by Doctor Jonathan Fellows, the clinic specializes in helping patients and their families cope with the challenges brought about by dementia.

Its program begins with screening to determine the main cause of memory loss which is one of Alzheimer symptoms. The screening entails the examination of a patient with a careful review of their memory history. Advanced technologies and tests are also used to assess the brain through neuroimaging and neuropsychological testing. The clinic also considers consultation from other specialists to obtain a fully comprehensive review of a patient’s condition.

Once an Alzheimer diagnosis is made, the focus shifts towards slowing down potential memory loss and reducing changes in behavior. In addition, medications, physical therapy, environmental changes, and dieting might come into play to address the symptoms and slow the disease progression.

Bottom line

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease affecting more than 190,000 people in Michigan. The condition involves a decline in a person’s ability to think, reason, and remember things. While there is no cure for the neurocognitive condition, the best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in Michigan are able to tailor treatment plans to address the symptoms and slow further memory loss. The tailored treatments also help control problems with behavior, such as loss of judgment and confusion.

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