4 Best Cable Deals in Florida

When selecting the best cable deals in Florida, things can get tricky. However, we have compiled a list of some of the best deals based on price, offerings, and added perks.

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Florida might be the flattest state in the U.S but also home to several Cable TV service providers. As a result, the over 21.4 million residents in the sunshine state can rest assured of plenty of Cable TV plans tailored to all needs. The best cable deals in Florida are cheap and bundled with other perks, including internet and voice services. Some stand-out options come with no-contract bundles, high internet speeds, and high channel counts.
Best Cable Deals In Florida

Xfinity TV
Very few companies come close to Xfinity in offering flexible cable TV bundles at an affordable price. The service provider offers more than 125 cable TV channels for sports, lifestyle, kids, and news. Subscribers also stand to enjoy top-quality DVR choices and plenty of on-demand content as part of the plans.

Xfinity Cable TV Plans
Xfinity offers one of the cheapest cable TV plans at just $30 with access to ten TV channels. For customers who want a vast selection pool, the Extra TV plan offers 125 TV channels at just $49.99. For $59.99, subscribers can also go with the preferred TV package that offers 185 TV channels.

Xfinity TV & Internet Bundles
While cable TV alone can be insufficient, Xfinity offers plans bundled with internet packages overboard. For example, the Extra TV + Internet, 600 Mbps plan, offers 600Mbps internet speed in addition to the 125 TV channels. The Preferred TV + Internet, 600 Mbps plan, costs $109.99 with the addition of 600Mbps worth of internet speed, while the Extra TV + Internet 1200 Mbps plan goes for $124.99 with 1200Mbps and 125 cable TV channels.

Xfinity Triple Play Bundles
Xfinity also offers some of the best cable deals in Florida, bundled with internet bundles and voice services. Consequently, subscribers can take advantage of the Extra TV + Internet 300 + Voice plan with voice services, 300Mbps, and 125 TV channels. The Preferred TV + Internet 600 + Voice costs $199.99 and includes 185 TV channels and 600Mbps. The Preferred TV + Internet 1200 + Voice costs $144.99 for 185 TV channels and 1200Mbps in internet speed.

COX is another reliable provider of the best cable TV plans in Florida. It offers an extensive range of packages with customizable plans.

Cox TV Plans
Its cheapest cable TV plan costs $53, offering 75 TV channels, while the Contour TV Preferred Plus plan costs $118 with 170 channels. The Contour TV Ultimate plan costs $138 and provides a wide selection of 250 TV channels.

Cox TV & Internet Bundles
Cox has also opted to shrug off competition by offering Cable TV bundles with an internet connection. Consequently, it provides Internet Essential 50 + Contour TV Preferred plan with 140 TV channels and 50Mbps at $137.99.

It also provides the Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV Preferred plan, which costs $177.99 with 140 TV channels and 500Mbps internet speed. The high-end plan under the category costs $197.99 with 140 TV channels and 940Mbps internet speeds.

Cox Triple Play Bundles
Cox’s edge also stems from offering cable TV plans with internet bundles and voice services. Internet Essential 50 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice plan with 50mbps 140 TV channels and unlimited voice costs $157.99 while Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice with 150Mbps cost $177.99. Cox also offers Internet Gig blast + Contour TV Preferred + voice plan with 940Mbps, 140 TV channels, and unlimited voice for $217.

Spectrum Cable
Spectrum offers a good selection of cable TV plans with over 200 HD channels. The provider is also widely available across Florida and provides a mobile app that people use to watch content on the go.

Spectrum Cable TV plans
Its cheapest cable TV plan starts at $49.99 with 125 channels, while the TV Silver plan costs $74.99 with 175 channels. It also offers TV Gold for $94.99 with 200 channels. The excellent selection of bundles comes with no contracts required.

Spectrum TV & Internet Bundles
Subscribers can also take advantage of cable TV plans bundled with an internet connection. For example, the TV Select + Internet Ultra with 400Mbps and 125 channels cost $79.98, while TV Silver + Internet Ultra with 400Mbps and 175 TV channels costs $89.98. There is also a TV Gold + Internet Ultra plan with 400Mbps that costs $109.98.

Spectrum Triple Play Bundles
Spectrum offers some of the best cable deals in Florida, bundled with internet and voice services. For example, TV Select + Internet Ultra + Voice offers 400Mbps unlimited voice and 125 TV channels for $94.97. TV Gold + Internet Ultra + Voice plan with 400Mbps, 200 channels, and unlimited voice costs $122.97.

Suddenlink Cable TV Plans
Suddenlink is a reliable provider of some of Florida’s best cable TV plans. Some of its packages come bundled with an internet connection and voice services. The cheapest cable TV plan costs $30 with 50 channels. It also offers 200 Channels for $65 and 340 channels for $105.

The service provider also offers Internet 100 + Basic TV, a plan that combines cable TV with internet connection for $49.99, while Internet 1 GIG + Basic TV with 940Mbps and 50 channels costs $79.99. In addition, there is also Internet 1 GIG + Core TV, a plan with 940Mbps internet speed and 200 channels for $114.99.

Bottom Line

The best cable deals in Florida are affordable and come with a wide selection of TV channels for enhanced entertainment. Some providers bundle internet connection and voice services with cable TV packages. The best plan will always come down to individual needs.

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