4 Best Diabetes Treatments in North Carolina

Insulin shots, proper nutrition, and exercises are some of the best diabetes treatments in North Carolina. Oral medications also come in handy when exercises and diet are not enough to get blood sugar under control.

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Diabetes is a chronic illness that affects millions of people worldwide. It is synonymous with decreased insulin secretion and, in some cases, diminished insulin sensitivity in the cells. Some of the earliest symptoms include excessive urination, extreme thirst, and increased appetite, often leading to bad eating habits. The best diabetes treatments in North Carolina work by controlling blood sugar.
Best Diabetes Treatments in North Carolina

Contrary to perception, medications are not the only options for patients looking to balance their blood sugar. Below are some best diabetes treatments in North Carolina that have allowed people to live a comfortable life while battling the condition.

Insulin shots for Type 1 Diabetes

Insulin shots are some of the best treatment options for type 1 diabetes, characterized by the pancreas’ inability to produce insulin. Patients with type 1 diabetes receive multiple injections as one of the ways of getting the much-needed insulin to control blood sugar.

The shots can come before meals to prepare the body for a potential increase in blood glucose. Injectable insulin comes in five types:

– Rapid-acting- takes effects within minutes and can last two to four hours
– Regular or short-acting insulin shots- take effect after 30 minutes and can last up to 6 hours
– Intermediate-acting insulin shots take effect after one to two hours and can last up to 18 hours
– Long-acting insulin shots take effect for one to two hours and can last up to 24 hours
– Ultra long-acting takes effect one-two hours and can last up to 42 hours.
– In addition to insulin shots, there is a rapid-acting inhaled insulin Afrezza for use before meals.

Nutrition and meal timing

Nutrition and meal timing is arguably one of the best diabetes treatments in North Carolina. Blood sugar levels in the body fluctuate depending on the kind of meals patients take and their frequency. Therefore, patients must work with a doctor or dietician to plan a menu.

The insulin dosage comes down to diet activity for patients with type 1 diabetes, where the pancreas cannot produce insulin. In this case, doctors recommend three small meals and three-four meals daily.

A healthy balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats must also come into play to keep blood glucose on target. For people with diabetes, less processed food is better as they tend to have the biggest impact on blood sugar.

Best diabetes treatments in North Carolina: Exercises

Another crucial element to controlling and managing blood sugar within the healthy range is engaging in physical activities. For people with excess blood glucose, physical exercises force the muscles to convert excess glucose to energy, reducing its supply in the blood.

Studies have shown exercise can lower blood glucose in people with type 2 diabetes. They also help in weight management and reduce the chance of a heart attack or stroke.

Getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every week is advisable. Activities like walking and running are some of the best. Strength training can also come into play when there is a need to lower blood sugar by converting most of it into energy.

However, it is important to check blood sugar levels before engaging in rigorous activities to avoid it dropping to dangerously low levels. If necessary, eating a carbohydrate snack half an hour before exercise is essential as one of the ways of ensuring blood glucose does not drop significantly.


Oral medications are crucial for controlling blood glucose, whereas diet and exercise don’t offer the full benefits. They are essential in people with type 2 diabetes, where the need to produce more insulin or make it more sensitive is high.

The drugs work in different ways. For instance, some increase insulin production by the pancreas while others decrease sugar absorption by the intestines. Some work by improving how the body uses insulin, while others work by reducing sugar production by the liver and enhancing insulin resistance.

Metformin is one of the best diabetes treatments in North Carolina as it works by decreasing sugar production in the body and also helps in weight loss. The Sulfonylurea class of drugs works by stimulating insulin secretion from the body. Jardiance SGLT2 is one of the best medications for people with renal impairment as it reduces the risk of worsening kidney disease.

Bottom Line

Treating diabetes comes down to several things crucial to controlling blood sugar. Diet and exercise go a long way in ensuring blood glucose are at a healthy range. Insulin shots are also vital for people with type 1 diabetes. However, the best diabetes treatments in North Carolina won’t be complete without significant lifestyle changes.

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