4 Best Teeth Whitening Clinics in Florida

Everyone deserves a smile they are proud of without worrying about their teeth. Professionals at the best teeth whitening clinics in Florida offer solutions and treatment options that achieve long-lasting results by removing the most stubborn stains that cause yellowing.

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Aging, smoking, food, or wine often lead to the deterioration of the enamel resulting in teeth discoloration. While there are many over-the-counter products people use to whiten their teeth, intrinsic discoloration that occurs deep within the tooth or teeth can be hard to remove. Nevertheless, the best teeth whitening clinics in Florida can easily reduce most cases of staining.
Best Teeth Whitening Clinics in Florida

Professional teeth whitening offered by the clinics lifts the surface discoloration by breaking down all the particles that have accumulated in the enamel pores. In-Office teeth whitening solutions offered by the best teeth whitening clinics in Florida offer a safe way of brightening the teeth. In addition, the whitening takes place using a stronger concentration of bleaching agents, ensuring the whitening process takes less time for the best results.

In-office teeth bleaching in clinics is becoming increasingly popular in offering a safe and reliable way of whitening teeth under controlled conditions.

Best Teeth Whitening Clinics in Florida

The Smile Center
The teeth whitening options available at The Smile Center have one of the highest success rates in removing even the most stubborn stains leaving people with a bright and gleaming smile. In addition, the dental clinic offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening solution, proven to brighten teeth up to seven shades in one session.

The Zoom tooth whitening system not only whitens the teeth but also offers long-lasting results. Compared to other systems that take weeks to provide results, the procedure only takes one hour. In addition, there is no pain during the whitening process. Tray whitening solutions are also on offer for people who want an economical way of teeth whitening.

South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry
South Florida Cosmetic dentistry is an extreme makeover dental practice that offers corrective and cosmetic procedures. However, tooth whitening remains the most requested service at the clinic. As one of the best teeth whitening clinics in Florida, it offers the Zoom laser teeth whitening procedure that lightens the tooth enamel and enamel as part of a bleaching process.

As part of the procedure, hydrogen peroxide is used as the bleaching agent and then activated using a laser. As the light breaks the gem, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin, therefore, bleaching any colored substances while leaving the rest of the tooth untouched.

South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry also offers day white tray whitening, which relies on custom-fitted trays to hold a bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is combined with patented amorphous calcium phosphate to whiten the teeth while filling any tooth surface defects.

Dental Associates
Dental Associates offers a safe and reliable way of whitening teeth under controlled conditions. Its highly experienced team of bleaching dentists use concentrated gel that helps get rid of any yellowing or staining caused by aging, tobacco use, or drinking colored drinks.

In addition, the team of dentists also offers custom teeth whitening gel that people can use at home for faster whitening results. The dentist-provided systems will always work much faster than the other products purchased over the counter.

The Zoom take-home whitening kit is a safe and effective way of whitening teeth at home. While the results might take a long time, it is still an effective way to whiten teeth.

Coast Dental & Orthodontics
While teeth can become dull and discolored for various reasons not limited to age and lifestyle habits, dentists at Coast Dental and Orthodontics offer faster and more affordable options for whitening teeth. The treatment option can remove even the strongest stains that over-the-counter products have struggled to clear.
It offers a fast in-office teeth whitening procedure proven to lighten the enamel up to 8 shades in less than an hour. The procedure entails the use of a high-concentration bleaching agent that is stronger than any other whitening agent.

In addition, Coast Dental & Orthodontics offers Opalescence Go Take home teeth whitening kit that people can use in the privacy of their homes. The disposable trays are only comfortable but tailored to individual needs and foals. The kit also includes fluoride that can help strengthen the enamel and reduce cavities. Potassium nitrate is another ingredient that can help reduce tooth sensitivity.

Bottom Line

Whether brushing and flossing diligently, keeping the yellow matter away from the teeth can be difficult. Naturally, teeth become yellow as people age due to a number of factors, including the impact of food and beverages, genetics, and even medications. However, one does not have to be content with the yellowing for the rest of their life. The best teeth whitening clinics in Florida offer some of the best solutions to whiten the teeth to various shades, removing all the discoloration.

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