5 Best E-Bike Shops in California

Electric bicycles are making cycling much more accessible and fun. From the fun and the health benefits always on offer, most people are increasingly flocking to the best e-bike shops in California for a piece.

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Electric bicycles are the latest sensation selling like hot cake while enhancing the way people move around in big cities. As the need to stay fit and reduce carbon emissions from cars grows, their demand has grown exponentially. It’s no longer a secret that e-bikes are driven eight times more than regular bikes, as they can be ridden with less effort and at high speeds. The best e-bike shops in California offer a way to easily access this new mode of transport at some of the best prices.
Best E-Bike Shops in California

With electric bikes, people no longer need to carry extra clothes in fear of being sweaty upon arriving at their final destinations. The bikes require less effort to operate, especially when moving uphill. When moving downhill, it becomes even more exciting. The ability to easily navigate cars waiting in traffic makes them an ideal mode of transport in cities where traffic is always a big problem.

Best E-Bike Shops in California

Bike Attack Electric
Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica is one of the best e-bike shops in California, offering a wide variety of electric bicycles. Its wide inventory includes electric city bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, and cargo bikes, among others.

The electric bikes on offer start for as little as $1,000, with advanced models going for as much as $15,000. The shop offers easy and secure financing for all its bikes over $500 through its online shop. The financing on offer is interest-free if paid within the agreed terms.

In addition, the shop has Shimano and Bosch-certified electric bike technicians that offer one-of-a-kind help and service. The mechanics take pride in restoring the e-bikes to their original working condition quickly.

Competitive Edge Cyclery
The Competitive Edge Cyclery is one of the best e-bike shops in California that offers high-performing road and mountain electric bicycles. The shop has a vast portfolio of e-bikes from various brands and varying prices. For as little as $500, one can get an e-bike that meets their needs. There are also premium brands on offer.

Additionally, the shop offers additional products and services for any bike or rider. For instance, one can get all the gear needed or accessories for repairs. In addition, Competitive Edge Cyclery offers repair services round the clock regardless so the brand.

562 Ebikes Electric Bicycle
562 Ebikes Electric Bicycle is a fun and funky e-bike shop serving the great long beach area in Los Angeles and Orange County. It is one of the best e-bike shops in California due to its large selection of e-bikes that includes all the favorite brands. For as little as $1,000, one can go all-electric by choosing between various brands, including Aventura, Abound, and Velaric Discover.

Because of the company’s keen interest in cycling, it can anticipate and address all its customer needs. It offers a personalized and efficient process of purchasing e-bikes online, ensuring people make informed decisions about their next purchase. In addition, 9345 Alondra Blvd., Bellflower, and the other at 15971 Pauma Ave., Cerritos, offer repair services where necessary.

Hovsco is one of the biggest and best electric bicycle brands for anyone looking to live an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle while cycling. The company has set out to build a long-lasting brand that helps people enjoy the e-bike experience.

Therefore, the company offers various e-bikes designed to help people of all disciplines enjoy the e-bikes experience. Some options on offer include mountain, off-road, cargo, commuter, men, and women’s e-bicycles.

The price for the bikes ranges from as little as $1000. The company also offers e bicycles accessories on its online store, including fenders, racks, baskets, chargers, and batteries.

Pedego Electric Bikes
Pedego Electric Bikes designs a complete line of electric bicycles that addresses individual needs and styles. Therefore, it is one of the best e-bike shops in California for anyone looking for a bike that fits them perfectly.

The e-bikes on sale come in different sizes and shapes tailored to individual needs. After a decade of development and iterations, the company has been able to come up with a bike that is not only fast and lightweight but also practical for everyday use. The company offers some of the most accessible bikes with 9-inch low set-thru frames. It also offers specialty adventure and city e-bikes.

Bottom Line

Contrary to perception, electric bikes require much effort to ride; therefore, ideal for anyone looking to stay fit while on the move. With the added boost of an electric motor, they make it easy to move up hills and inclines or rough terrains. The best e-bike shops in California offer various options designed to make it easier to ride, improve physical health and get through busy streets with ease.

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