5 Best Medicare Insurance Options in New York

Getting the best Medicare insurance options in New York can be tiresome if you don’t have all the facts at hand. It helps to get more information on the provider before joining a particular plan. In this article, we will look at such parameters as customer satisfaction, costs, and providers to help you make an informed decision.

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With hundreds of plans on offer, the best Medicare insurance options in New York take credit for the way they provide their services. New York is ranked by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as having the highest Medicare beneficiaries. Health Insurance Information, Counselling and Assistance Program (HIICAP) provides education on health insurance issues, including Medicare. You can get guidance from HIICAP if you want to enroll in Medicare Savings Programs.
Best Medicare insurance options in New York

Classes of Medicare Plans

You have two ways through which you can enter the Government-backed Part A and B. You can apply for the basic plans upon reaching 65 years or through your employer’s group scheme. Part A covers inpatient while part B takes care of outpatient.

You can obtain alternative advantage plans (part C and D) depending on your budget. Part C combines plans A, B, and D under one umbrella. You can bundle A, B, and C by taking D.

An Outline of the Best Medicare Insurance Options in New York

1. Humuna
If you are looking for exceptional service, try Humana, with its vast experience. Its impact is spread throughout the country. If you travel a lot, you can confidently walk to a provider anywhere and find their presence.
As a beneficiary, you get HMO and PPO plans with the benefit of a gym membership. You get benefits on eye care, dental, ear, and membership to fitness and health clubs. If eligible, you can enroll for Special Needs Plan (SNPs) if you suffer from a chronic condition.

2. WellCare
You are likely to get value for your money by going for the most affordable plan in New York. With a portfolio of 27 States, WellCare offers both HMO and PPO plan together with Special Needs Plans (SNPs). You get free premiums, $0 drug deductibles, and $10 for the copay. You also get eye, ear, and dental checks.

3. Healthfirst Medicare
You get HMO plans if you enroll with Healthfirst. You must, therefore, operate within the providers’ network. You pay more if you obtain care outside the approved network.
Under Healthfirst Coordinated Benefits Plan, you enjoy all benefits of parts A and B and additional benefits of dental, hearing aids, and eye care. You also get prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter nonprescription drugs for up to $15 a month.
Healthfirst also offers a 65 Plus Plan at $0 premiums. 65 Plus Plan share similar features with Coordinated Benefits Plan. The only difference is that the 65 Plus plan covers those not in the Extra Help Medicare savings program.
Health first incorporates plan D into your existing plans. It implies that you cannot get an independent part D but a bundled offer into other plans such as the 65 Plus Plan and Increased Benefits Plan.

4. Aetna
You get benefits on their low-cost plans such as eye, ear checks, and general wellness. If you are into fitness programs, you earn discounts. Given their expanded network of pharmacies, you get timely prescriptions anywhere. You pay monthly premiums of $99 for this plan.
Aetna’s plans are primarily HMOs meaning you must seek a referral if you see a specialist out of network. Its coverage includes dental, eye, and ear and fitness membership. You also get independent plan D.

Under CDPHP are two plans: Vital Rx and Flex Rx. CDPHP has the best customer service.
Vital Rx
With $0 in premiums and deductibles of $350, you get prescription drugs cover. At $20, you get eye tests, free frames, and lenses. Additionally, you get diabetes management and foot care. A visit to your primary doctor is free, but you pay $50 per visit to a specialist.
Flex Rx
At 41.80 a month, you get a low out-of-pocket maximum of $5,500. Its copays are less costly, and doctor visits are free except for a specialist visit at $40. You benefit from a dental check and cleaning for $25.

Your Take

Medicare is a government program available to seniors of 65+ years, persons with disabilities, or those suffering from renal disease. Medicare is classified into four unique parts. You can join all if your budget permits.

Medicare Advantage plans are designed and offered by Medicare-approved private companies. Your primary doctor must approve if you desire a specialist. Your prescriptions are also limited.

Before you enroll for any Medicare advantage plan, it is prudent to compare the available options regarding coverage, cost, customer service, deductibles, and copays. It would help if you researched thoroughly to find out which providers offer the best Medicare insurance options in New York.

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