5 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in California

It is possible to earn your nursing degree online, whether you are a registered nurse or starting your nursing career. The best nursing online education programs in California provide the convenience and affordability that you need. This article is meant to guide your decision by looking at the top universities and their online courses.

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The best nursing online education programs in California provide convenience coupled with flexibility and extensive student support at affordable costs. Our article gives you a highlight of what you need when searching for the appropriate courses. Apart from accreditation by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), you ought to check the quality of online education programs provided by your choice of University. In addition, the California Board of Nursing provides helpful resources on educational requirements.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in California

Types of Online Nursing Programs

Various nursing programs in California cater to both the experienced and those starting. The most common programs are as below.

Online RN Bridge Programs
As an LVN, you can enroll in LVN to RN Programs to further your career and enroll for an RN license.
You can enroll for RN to BSN Programs if you are already working as an RN and want to grow, widen your skill, and eventually qualify for higher career options.
If you want to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing, there is an online RN to MSN program for you. In three years, you earn a master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner, nurse educator, or nurse administrator, and get higher pay.

Online Graduate and Post-Graduate Degree Programs
You can enroll for online MSN Programs with a specialization in clinical or non-clinical areas with a nursing degree. Though it is preferable first to complete BSN or ADN degrees, it is possible to enroll in an online MSN without prior experience.
You can choose to pursue the terminal degrees of online DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) and online nursing Ph.D.

Post-Graduate Certificate
Post-Graduate certificate courses serve to expand your skills and narrow your focus to a particular field through short and thorough studies. For example, you may want to learn more about oncology, AIDS, and others.

Outline of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in California

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)
CSUF provides online RN to BSN programs designed to cater to the working RN’s. The University has an NCLEX pass rate of 100%. They have online programs and on-campus entry-level BSN, LVN-BSN, accelerated BSN, and entry-level MSN.
If enrolled in a California Associate Degree in Nursing Program, you can complete BSN at CSUF either online or on campus.

California State University, San Marcos
With an NCLEX pass rate of over 95%, short courses, and affordable programs, CSU San Marcos is the best nursing program. In addition, their accelerated online RN-BSN program, which takes 14 months, is eligible for financial aid and scholarship.

West Coast University
West coast university stands out with its NCLEX pass rate of 90%, including a unique arrangement of helping students get jobs through its Career Service Department. Additionally, you can go for RN to BSN or MSN online and qualify for Health Services Partner Grants.

Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC)
LSC offers an LVN-RN program, and students are allowed to sit for NCLEX-RN upon meeting the 30-unit program. However, prospective students have to contend with the general requirements and pass the HiSET exam before enrolling in the program.

California State University, San Bernadino
To be enrolled, you must be an active RN license holder with an associate degree from an accredited institution. The program covers four years with an offer of a wide range of topics, including community and public health, healthcare ethics, and leadership in nursing. You are required to cover 135 hours of onsite clinical work in addition to online classes.

Your Final Take

Given the high demand for registered nurses in California, there is a high intake of nurses. The best nursing online education programs in California have responded accordingly by providing the necessary infrastructure to tap this demand.
Online nursing courses are convenient, affordable, and provide high-quality training. If you are a registered nurse, you get the opportunity to further your career. If you are starting, you can pursue your dream of becoming a registered nurse by taking online nursing courses.

Most online programs in California are bridging courses and require you to have an RN license before pursuing BSN or MSN. In addition, you must meet the 60-semester units’ requirement from an accredited university and the requirements of the School of Nursing.

Before proceeding, you must be aware of the licensing requirements of California’s Board of Nursing and what to do to obtain an RN license. After graduation, you must provide academic transcripts and take NCLEX-RN, and on approval, you pay the application fees of $300.

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