5 Best Online Jobs for Seniors in California

Seniors can also live an active life without having to stick to the grind of a 9 to 5 job. The best online jobs for seniors in California offer an easy way of supplementing income while working from home without straining.

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Working a little bit during retirement is okay. It’s one of the best ways of staying active and productive, which goes a long way in ensuring good health and stable mental health. The best online jobs for seniors in California offer a way of supplementing income without working too much. In addition, they help enhance happiness and mental strength.
Best Online Jobs for Seniors in California

Online jobs vary depending on the skills seniors bring to the table, from full-time to freelance and, most important, part-time, should board well with seniors. In addition, they depend on what the seniors are passionate about.

The workplace flexibility that comes with online jobs allows seniors to balance their work life and personal life with ease. With more than 58% of Americans planning to work deep into retirement, it is best to look at some of the best online jobs for seniors in California.

Best Online Jobs for Seniors in California

Virtual Assistant
The only requirement to being a virtual assistant as a senior is to have a computer, a phone, internet access and good communication skills. A bachelor’s degree is an added advantage to any seniors looking to enhance their chances of enrolling for a virtual assistant gig.

As a virtual assistant, tasks vary from making travel arrangements to sending letters and completing various support services that can be completed online or via phone. Some of the best places to look for virtual assistant jobs include International Virtual Assistants Associations and Team Double Click.

With a virtual assistant job, the opportunities are endless, as some companies pay people depending on the tasks they complete. Other companies employ seniors in a more structured schedule with added benefits.

Customer Service Representative
It is one of the best online jobs for seniors in California, as some companies require their staff to work from home instead of a centralized call center. The only requirement to work remotely as a customer service representative is good communication skills, a landline phone, and high-speed internet.

As a customer service representative, a senior would answer calls, take new orders, and track existing orders. In addition, one may be required to participate in online chat sessions and email.

Depending on the company or agency employing, a senior can work as a customer representative part-time or full-time. The pay is not bad, with some companies paying a minimum of $17 an hour, which can go a long way in supplementing pension.

Online Juror
A senior with good listening and interpretation skills can also work as an online juror. There are services online such as eJury, Online Verdict and JuryTest that employ people to simply listen to mock juries and give attorneys and jury consultants feedback.

The only requirement to get the job is filling up an online questionnaire. In return, when a lawyer needs an online juror that fits the match, you will be contacted. The attorney will, in return, post a case on a secure website whereby one has to listen to audio or view video presentations and submit a verdict.

The pay varies depending on the case and the length of the process. It can start for as little as $10 per case and go for up to $100.

Writing and editing is panning out to be one of the best online jobs for seniors in California, given the convenience it comes with. First, one does not need to be a professional scribe to find work. As long as a senior understands sentence and paragraph construction, they can contribute to some of the biggest new releases or developments.

There are also outlets that employ people to edit written stuff before they go live. The jobs span copy editing, proofreading, and assisting in technical writing or resume writing. Some of the best platforms seniors can look for such jobs include Journalismjobs.com and the AARPs job search tool.

However, if someone is looking for more general writing gigs, they can always reach out to local associations and organizations or community newsletters. The median pays for writing and editing jobs ranges from $20 to $50 an hour.

Accounting Jobs
Seniors who have had a career in finance can also look for remote accounting jobs. For instance, there are firms that employ bookkeepers and accountants to work from home. The tasks involve reconciling accounts, collecting past due accounts and uploading journal entries. There are also remote data entry jobs that seniors can do with ease at their convenience.

Bottom Line

Technology advancement has made it easy to work from home and from anywhere. As a result, working from home is making it easier for seniors to remain active and productive without straining too much. Likewise, the best online jobs for seniors in California offer an opportunity to balance life and enjoy retirement while still staying active through work.

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