5 Best Online Jobs for Seniors in North Carolina

Retirement is a phase of life that marks the beginning of a new beginning. Likewise, the best online jobs for seniors in North Carolina offer a way for retirees to kickstart their lives while engaging in things they love the most.

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A majority of Americans plan to work in their golden years, some for pleasure and others as a way of earning some extra income. Seniors working does not come as a surprise as it offers a way for most to remain active productive and healthy. In addition, technological advancement has given rise to some of the best online jobs for seniors in Georgia that don’t require commuting from home.
Best Online Jobs for Seniors in North Carolina

Working from home is expected to continue gaining acceptance as some tasks can be completed over the phone or a computer connected to the internet. As a result, there are plenty of job opportunities for seniors who are seeking remote work. In addition, some jobs leverage the skills accrued over the years, with some revolving around passions.

The best online jobs for seniors in North Carolina also come with good pay packages that can help supplement seniors’ pensions.

Best Online Jobs for Seniors in North Carolina

Bookkeeping is one of the best online jobs for seniors in Georgia who have had a career in accounting or finance. The job entails keeping financial records and issuing payments to suppliers and customer invoices. A full-charge bookkeeper is entitled to keeping accounting books in order, including supervising lower-level bookkeepers and accounting clerks.

It is one of the best jobs for seniors as they can assume the full charge role of supervising junior staff as they do the actual work. Furthermore, the job comes with some of the best pay packages, with median pay of over $20 an hour. In addition, one does not need to step into an office as it can be completed at home via a computer.

Customer Service Representative
Seniors with good communication skills and who love interacting with others and solving problems can look for a job as a customer service representative. The only requirement for this job is a phone, computer and internet connectivity.

As one of the best online jobs for seniors in Georgia, customer service representatives assist people by phone or through chats on computers via email and online chat. The only requirement is to understand what a given business or company deals with to respond to any query raised by clients. The median pay for customer service representatives is usually $15 an hour, and offers flexible working hours.

Writing and Editing
Becoming a writer or an editor is arguably one of the best online jobs for seniors in North Carolina who have a love for words and an eagle eye for detecting grammar errors. Writers can always find work in various outlets such as newspapers, magazines and websites. There are also platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork where any senior can find writing gigs covering various subjects and matters.

Seniors who have carved a niche out of journalism in their productive years can sign up for these platforms to take up work as copywriters, bloggers and columnists. Writing is arguably one of the best jobs for people with strong research and writing skills.

In addition, there is always demand for people with an eagle eye for detailed spelling, grammar and editing. An editor is usually tasked with reviewing, proofreading and changing written work before it is published. Seniors may also be required to supervise other writers.

Teaching Assistants and Tutors
Seniors who cherish working with students or have worked in the education industry can leverage their hard-earned experience as teaching assistants and tutors during their free training. Unlike when they had to walk into classrooms, technological advancement means everything can be done virtually over the computer.

There is a growing demand for tutors that can help students with various subjects and topics online. In this case, seniors can teach students from the comfort of their homes in their free time. In addition to teaching, seniors can also use the opportunity to upload educational videos online and earn depending on the views they generate on platforms such as YouTube. On the other hand, platforms like Udemy offer an opportunity to upload a course and update it occasionally without working daily.

Earning through social media
Social media is also proving to be an ideal tool for connecting and earning for people who can monetize their followers. Seniors with a big following can also use the opportunity to be influencers and team up with big brands to market various products and services.

Creating and sharing content is turning out to be big business for young users and seniors, as there is always demand for their content. In addition, one can resort to being a social media manager to work for fellow friends and professionals.

Bottom Line

Seniors no longer have to idle around as their golden years pass by. There are a myriad of things they can do to stay active and earn from the side. The best online jobs for seniors in North Carolina offer a way of living an active life, and monetizing every second one is free.

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