5 Best Private Jet Packages in California

California hosts the most prestigious and luxurious private jets in the world. Unfortunately, the cost of renting or buying a private jet can be very high, so it is nice to know that there are several options to save money on your next flight in California. This article will discuss the best private jet packages in California.

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The best private jet packages in California have less strict schedules and can go to smaller airports. For a cheaper way to travel in California, you may want to consider using a private charter plane service. Many people flying within the state of California choose this option to avoid the hassle of crowded airports and long airline delays.
Best Private Jet Packages in California

California hosts many private jet companies, so you have a wide variety of options when looking for charters in California. There are two different types of charter services. The first type is public charters, which usually fly out of small metropolitan airports. Public charters are popular because they often fly long distances to very small airports and reduce passengers’ travel time.

The second type of charter plane is private charters, which can be bought or rented for exclusive use. Private jets allow you to choose your departure and arrival times without the restrictions of a commercial flight.

A Cessna Citation Excel jet is a popular choice in California because of its relatively low hourly costs and the spaciousness of its cabin. However, a Gulfstream G150 jet offers even more luxury in the form of bigger space, a separate entertainment area, and, most importantly, a greater range.

There are several types of private jet ownership in California: fractional ownership, management companies, and jet card programs. Fractional ownership allows for the distribution of cost over time, making it easier for the average person to own a private jet. A management company can offer time-sharing of planes, luxury cars, and even yachts at very affordable rates. Jet card ownership refers to purchasing prepaid flying hours that facilitate a certain number of trips within a specific period.

A Summary of the Best Private Jet Packages in California

If you are looking for private jet services in California, some important considerations to make before choosing a private jet company. A good first step is to determine the goals of your trip and what you will be doing during your flight.

You can purchase a package as a way of cost-saving. A package includes additional services such as catering or car service and involves lower hourly rates. In addition, most companies offer several types of planes with different amenities, including internet and phone access, DVD players, and flat screens. With the above tips in mind, you will choose a private jet company that suits your specific needs and budget.

Private jet packages in California generally last between 1 to 4 hours. Renting a private jet can be expensive; however, there are ways to save money. Purchasing a package, which includes additional services such as catering or car service, is often the best way to reduce costs.

Aerojet Private Jet Charter
Aerojet Private Jet Charter offers the following: Jet Charter, On-Demand Charters, Private Jet Flights, and Charter Flight Management.
Advantage Aviation, Inc.
Advantage aviation offers rental services at rates of $109 to $ 119 per hour.
SurfAir requires clients to enroll for membership which starts at $199 per month. In addition, it offers on-demand flights starting at $99 per flight.
Blade Jet Charter & Management Corp.
Blade’s fleet includes helicopters and seaplanes and covers anywhere in the world. The booking is via an app or online. It does not have membership requirements.
Blue Star Jets, Inc.
Private jet rental services are readily available in the state of California. In addition, it offers on-demand booking through iOS and Android phone apps, thus creating an uber-like experience.

Final Submission

Private jets are often larger planes, which can fly further and hold more people. For a luxurious feel on your next flight, go for the best private jet packages in California.

The cost of a private jet is dependent on the type of aircraft, the number of passengers being transported, the time of the flight, and the departure and destination airports. The cost of renting a private jet in California ranges between $852 and $3930 per hour, with the average price being $2310.

Jet Cards provide maximum flexibility, letting you fly private jets by the hour, with no long-term commitment or monthly fees. You buy a fixed number of hours (10 to 60) at today’s price and use them anytime without paying annual or monthly fees. You can buy an hour of flying time or fractions of hours at any jet service operator. Jet Cards also let you transfer, pool, and share your fixed-hour balance with other people on board.

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