5 Top Car Insurance Options in Ohio

Ohio annual rates of insurance are well below average nationally. Despite the affordability, the car insurance options in Ohio are enticing discounts

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Ohio is known for safe driving habits and lesser risks on the road. This follows that annual rates of insurance are well below average nationally. Despite affordability, the best car insurance providers in Ohio offer enticing discounts. Ohio’s laws expect you to acquire basic minimum liability to take care of the person to whom you caused damage through accident. Liability insurance also caters to legal costs in case a suit is filed against you. You can take the following optional add-ons to increase protection:
Car Insurance Options in Ohio

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uptake of this means you are taking a cover on behalf of a person without any insurance cover.
– Gap Insurance Coverage
You can take the cover if your car is securing an outstanding loan. The insurance providers consider the initial loan amount and the current loan balance in determining premiums.
– Roadside Assistance Coverage
This option provides you with towing services, flat tire repairs, and several other issues you may encounter while driving your car.
– Accident Forgiveness Coverage
Here, the insurance provider waives increment if you were at fault in an earlier accident.
– Vanishing Deductibles Coverage
Your provider may opt to reduce the amounts you were supposed to contribute in case of an accident. This is when you never caused any accident during the year.

Choosing the Better Car Insurance Options in Ohio

You may find it difficult to determine Ohio’s best car insurance option if you don’t know what you want. It is advisable to research the core pillars of a good insurer: friendly rates and customer experience.
– The rates determine the overall cost of insurance. Your age also influences the cost, the value of the car, credit rating, and whether you have an accident past.
– Insurance companies that offer great customer service are naturally more expensive. You pay extra for personalized services.
Guided by the above factors, you can now choose your best car insurance option according to your preferences and circumstances. You must first obtain multiple quotes for comparison purposes before taking the final decision. Some insurance companies provide online quotations through mobile apps, while others have independent agents.

Car Insurance Options in Ohio

The companies listed below are generally appealing to almost all categories of drivers :
– Auto-Owners
– Erie Insurance
– Geico
– Grange Insurance
– Westfield


Boasting exceptional customer experience, Auto-Owners offers great car insurance covers through its agents. If you are interested in the accompanying benefits, Auto-Owners provide such benefits as; gap insurance, diminished value coverage, and a variety of discounts. Auto-Owners provide full coverage insurance at $1,032 per year.

Erie Insurance

Though its insurance policies are not the cheapest, Erie Insurance has the third-best coverage in Ohio, according to J. D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study. You can get offers such as the vanishing deductible program and accident forgiveness. You part with annual premiums of $442.07.
Erie Insurance provides its services with a personal touch. One distinguishing feature on their cover is maintaining the same rates every year unless you change the driver or car. This makes it suitable for that family car which you don’t plan to change.

Geico and Grange Insurance

If you are into great service and the lowest premiums, then Geico is what you need. Geico is the best in overall customer satisfaction and the lowest rates.

Grange Insurance offers benefit riders such as full glass repair, pet coverage, and rental car reimbursement. The company maintains customer satisfaction by using independent agents who offer personalized services such as filling proposal forms and processing claims. The average minimum cover costs $358 annually, whereas full annual cover costs $1,630.


Westfield is a locally incorporated company headquartered in Ohio. Aside from insurance, Westfield offers banking services. It offers a bundle encompassing car insurance and home policies whereby you enjoy broader coverage as well as additional benefits. The benefits include loan coverage, trip interruption, and replacement costs. With Westfield, you get the minimum cover at $406 per year.


It is prudent to first have all the facts at your fingertips before settling on a particular insurer. Your driving record, the value of your car, your preferences, and the available deductibles influence the premiums payable.
Minimum liability insurance is disadvantageous should the cost of actual damage and medical bills exceed the cover because you can be sued for the balance. Thus, it is favorable to have a higher liability car insurance limit rather than having to dip into your pocket to meet shortfalls.
Failure to obtain car insurance in Ohio may lead to suspension of your driving license for up to 90 days. If you are a repeat offender, your license can be suspended for one year, and your car can also be impounded. If that happens, you will incur reinstatement fees and court costs.

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