6 Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s connectivity rate is so high that carriers of cell phone plan vigorously compete to have you. At 55+ years, you can take advantage and demand discounts at will. The best cell phone plans for seniors in Pennsylvania allow you to choose what defines your usage. We provide a guide to enable you to find a fitting match.

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Providers of the best cell phone plans for seniors in Pennsylvania have tailored their services in line with the lifestyles of seniors. Cell phone manufacturers, on the other hand, ought to design gadgets compatible with seniors. However, seniors pose a challenge. Some prefer smartphones and consume lots of data, while others are content with only a few particular voice calls to family, friends, and emergency services.
Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Pennsylvania

Determinants of a Good Plan

A plan that perfectly matches your lifestyle is farfetched. What with service interruptions, downtime, and coverage. One of the critical factors you should consider is the connectivity in your locality and the most frequent areas.

Speed and clarity is a must-have feature. You should compare options and inquire about offers and discounts. You are going by your usage; if you are into online services, research offers the best data packages. If you are into voice only, prioritize your search on the best deals for calling minutes. It is safe to combine both data and voice plans for convenience.

Highlights of the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Pennsylvania

1. AT&T
Topping the rest in 3G and 4G coverage, AT&T provides Senior Nation Plan. You must have attained 65 years and above to qualify. At $29.99 a month, you strike an excellent phone offer and unlimited text and voice except for data. The cost jumps to $40 if you include data.

2. Verizon
At 55 and above, a simple, easy-to-use phone in a fully covered locality will do you, Justice. By forking out $80 a month, you get unlimited voice, text, and data with two lines. This contract plan includes unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico.
Herein this package, you can also get low-income Lifeline discounts under the government Verizon deal if eligible. You get a discount of $9.25 which translates to a monthly cost of $10.74 for home phone and internet.

3. Consumer Cellular
Riding on the AT&T network, Consumer Cellular offers you the freedom to define what to consume. Be it voice only, voice and text, or voice, text, and data, you can control what to have. With an offer of a simple flip phone and easy-to-use smartphone, you can easily navigate through their menus.
At $15 per month, you are activated to talk for 250 minutes. If you upgrade this plan to include voice, text, and 500MB, you spend $25 a month.

4. GreatCall
The cheapest rate you can start with is $14.99 for 200 minutes and $3 for 300 SMSs. You can opt for health and safety riders which facilitates direct access to medical practitioners. You also get a direct link that signals your family in case of an emergency. Accompanying GreatCall offers are two devices, Lively Flip and Jitterbug Smart2.
Lively Flip caters to the not-so-techie seniors and provides easy navigation through large buttons, a big screen, and bright background. An in-built one-touch button relays signals to emergency services and extends to your family if pressed.
Jitter big Smart2 is a smartphone with tailored features for ease of use by techie seniors. You get a dedicated button for emergencies coupled with a widescreen.

5. T-Mobile
Pegged at $27.50 per month, you get unlimited voice calls and SMSs together with a free device. Whether you prefer a smartphone or flip phone, there is always the latest device for you. Your plans’ 50GB ensures you enjoy uninterrupted online services.

6. Q Link Wireless
Through Lifeline, those in the low-income segment can benefit from a free government-sponsored free 3GB of data and unlimited voice and text. You also grab free smartphones with the option of bringing on your phone. To qualify, you must meet the requirements set by the government.

Final Submission

Carriers of the best cell phone plans for seniors in Pennsylvania offer simplicity of in-built content and easy navigation of cell phone features. You are guaranteed instant access to specific services free of irrelevant stuff.

The government realized the senior’s need to communicate and access emergency services developed Obama Phone Programs. Under the program, you are spoilt for various free phone plans so long as you meet the qualification criteria.

You can find cheaper options from Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) if on a low budget. MVNOs are carriers running on networks of major players. Their disadvantage lies in network clogging during peak hours. The host network will give priority to its subscribers.

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