6 Best Home Refinancing Programs in New York

Is your home loan giving you sleepless nights? It is time to seek out the support of the best home refinancing programs in New York. Refinancing gives you the advantage of shortening the loan term. It also provides a leeway to evade insurance, lower rates, and alter the type of interest. Read on this review to get the basics of refinancing.

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Your choice of the best home refinancing programs in New York should be guided by friendly rates, achievable terms, and exceptional customer experience. The ultimate result of refinancing is to bail you out of an undesirable position by creating a favorable situation. Mortgage refinancing seeks to address a change of interest rate or loan period. When interest rates are low, you can refinance your existing mortgage to save costs. If you need extra money, you must have repaid substantial amounts to qualify for cash-back refinancing. Our review of the refinancing options gives you a clue on your search for a refinancing partner. You will also find valuable tips on when to consider refinancing.
Best Home Refinancing Programs in New York

The Refinancing Process

Before initiating the process, you must compare the interest rates of several options. Look out for their loan mix, the company’s reputation and their successful refinance programs over the years.

Like first-time loans, when refinancing, you must make an application and provide the necessary documentation. Application is mainly made online. During the appraisal, expect your lender to check your ability and past repayment history.

The lender will value your home and calculate the loan to value (LTV) and debt-to-income (DTI)ratio. Most lenders take an LTV value of 80%. Upon approval, your home is charged to the refinancing company.

List of the Best Home Refinancing Programs in New York

You qualify for refinancing discounts if you are an existing borrower with Citibank. Refinancing is available for VA and FHA borrowers. Citibank has built its popularity by refinancing a wide range of mortgages. It has refinanced 30,900 mortgages since 2016.
Citibank allows you to compare rates of different lenders through its online platform. It operates on the premise of full disclosure of the total cost of credit. You get a detailed report on its closing costs for budgeting purposes. Citibank’s shortfall lies in its limited branch network.

LoanDepot is a lender of long-standing with a vast network of 150 branches. It provides many varieties of refinancing options and enjoys popularity among its clientele. Your VA, FHA and fixed-and-variable-rate mortgage are eligible to be refinanced. Application for refinancing is made online. Its setback rests on its slow response to online inquiries.

A combination of nationwide presence and satisfied customers propelled Quicken to the position of the best overall mortgage lender. Alongside customer experience, Quicken does well in the whole process of mortgage origination.

Alliant Credit Union
The Alliance Credit Union has a purely online platform. Your mortgage insurance is waived if you take mortgage refinancing with them. They ensure personalized services through readily available mortgage experts and live phone representatives. Alliant does not refinance government-backed mortgages.

Bank of America
Its nationwide presence with branches in 50 states makes it the most stable company. They refinance diverse loan types except for USDA. An offer of reduction of closing costs by $600 endured its existing borrowers save on costs.
A 30-year mortgage attracts a refinancing interest of 3.250%, whereas a 15- year mortgage runs at 2.500%. To get refinancing, BOA has set a minimum credit score of 620 for conventional loans, 640 for FHA, and 660 for VA refinancing.

You get low costs, an easy application process, and quick approvals. If you refinance with them, you will enjoy waived loan applications and origination fees. Better.Com provides nationwide refinancing based on a credit score of 620.
Refinancing by Better.Com is limited to mortgages of low-income customers. However, it does not refinance government-backed mortgages.

Your Refinancing Decision

Mortgage refinancing is good when mortgage rates drop. With favorable rates, you are optimistic about fully settling your existing mortgage. If you are refinancing for cash-back, you are likely to get adequate funds for use to cover other debts and liabilities.

Another option is to alter the type of interest from ARM (Adjustable-rate Mortgage) to a fixed-rate to beat fluctuations. Here, expect no drawdown but a change of terms.

Refinancing with your current lender is advantageous because of discounts and less application process. Since the lender has your documentation, the process of repeat business is quick and easy. You may, however, opt for other lenders if your financier is offering unfavorable interests and closing costs.
Refinancing comes with costs of processing, origination, and insurance. Look out for the best home refinancing programs in New York which may have waived such costs and those providing discounts.

There is no specific time at which you can apply for refinancing. You can apply for mortgage refinancing at any time as long as you can raise at least 20% of the original loan.

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