6 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Ohio

Whether you want to join the nursing field or are already pursuing a nursing career, there are online nursing programs for you. However, there are so many programs that choosing one is a nightmare. In this guide, we simplify your search by outlining the best nursing online education programs in Ohio. So, read on and find out what to check.

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Graduating with a degree from the best nursing online education programs in Ohio is a sure way to kick-start your dream. To become a nurse in Ohio, you need to take courses in accredited and nationally approved institutions. Apart from qualified personnel and rich educational resources to aid learning, institutions must meet ACEN and CCNE accreditation in addition to state approval. In addition, the programs on offer must have a variety of options and offer flexibility in their uptake. The flexibility of a program is depicted by the durations and options of part-and full-time to suit your work and study schedules.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Ohio

Nursing Programs in Ohio

ADN is a program that provides a starting point for nursing students. The two-year course combines coursework and clinical knowledge to provide you with the experience needed to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.
The standard BSN program is a four-year option that propels you to become a registered nurse.
Accelerated BSN programs is a tailored program for those holding a bachelor’s degree. Under this program, some courses earlier done are waived, which fits those who want to shift careers.

Bridging Programs for Current Nurses

LPN-RN & LPN-BSN Programs
LPN-RN is a program for Licensed Practical Nurses to study and prepare for NCLEX-RN exams and obtain RN.
RN-BSN Programs
A registered nurse with experience but no academic papers can board the RN to BSN program and obtain a bachelor’s degree. RN-MSN Programs are suitable for registered nurses without a BSN but need a graduate degree to get bargaining power in advancing a career.

Advanced Nursing Programs in Ohio

MSN fits both nurses with BSN and those without BSN but have another one in a different field and want to kick-start their nursing career.
If you want to further your education and get more advantages of growth in your career, you can opt into doctorate programs of DNP and Ph.D. in nursing. In addition, you can cap it with post-graduate certificates to strengthen your specialty.

Highlights of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Ohio

Ohio University
If you want to pursue your program at Ohio University, you will find several options of CCNE accredited online and on-campus nursing degrees. You can enroll in LPN to RN, AND, and BSN. There are also options of online RN to BSN, MSN, DNP, among more. The pass rate under NCLEX-RN is 85%.

Ohio State University
OSU provides bridging programs on RN to BSN, BSN, and MSN degrees. In addition, you can opt for an option containing specialization upon completing a Master of Science degree. BSN is a four-year program that enables the holder to sit for NCLEX-RN certification exams.
RN to BSN program is online 100% with options of full-time or part-time. MSN options include the standard MSN and direct entry for those already possessing a degree in any field and harbors a desire to join nursing.
If you wish to progress to a doctorate, you can opt into BSN to DNP, a post-masters DNP, and Ph.D.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing
Undergraduates enrolled for BSN are treated to various options. For example, you can join the standard program of four years or an advanced placement program for five years.
If you are a degree holder in any other field, you can go for the second-degree accelerated program. Alternatively, you can opt into a second-degree accelerated hybrid while pursuing your employment. Also available is an online RN to BSN. The programs have passed NCAC and CCNE accreditation.

Chamberlain University
At Chamberlain University, you get several online options of RN-BAN, RN-MSN, MSN, and DNP. The courses are flexible, and you can take your time. As a bonus, a counselor is there to take you through the operations of an online program.
The practice courses which require on-campus presence can be completed at the workplace.

Kent State University
Kent State University provides 100 % online RN-to-RSN, MSN, or DNP throughout the year, with new admissions taking place every seven weeks. Kent State University programs are practical and innovative.

Mercy College of Ohio
Mercy College of Ohio has all-around schedules for online RN-BSN and RN-MSN for those working. RN-BSN can be completed in 12 months, while RN-MSM takes three years.

Your Final Word

Your nursing journey begins when you complete high school, but that does not mean you cannot start later on in life. The best nursing online education programs in Ohio offer online programs to ensure you pursue your dream.

Online nursing degrees give you an opportunity to study wherever you are and at your convenient time. Inline programs offer flexibility. However, not all programs are offered online because of the requirement of clocking clinical time.

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