6 Best Private Jet Packages in Michigan

As stay-home orders recede and the world opens up, flights are beginning to normalize operations. Social distancing has raised the demand for private flights. If you are a frequent first-class flyer but not satisfied, it’s time to consider owning your aircraft. You can charter a jet from the best private jet packages in Michigan.

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Choosing the best private jet packages in Michigan is based on comfort, luggage size, total passengers, and minimum runway. In addition, current restrictions due to pandemics make private air travel beneficial to your family’s health and safety.
Best Private Jet Packages in Michigan

With a private jet, you get to travel with a few people on board and limited staff. You get the benefit of avoiding busy airport terminals and long queues.
You can travel by private plane through several options: On-demand, jet card membership, fractional ownership of lease.

The one-off charter also called on-demand
For flyers who do under 25 hours per year, on-demand flights are preferable. To start with, you need to book a flight using an operator who owns or leases the aircraft. The government regulates charter operators through FAA.

You can also get reviews from third parties such as Argus, Wyvern, and IS-BAO. Argus and Wyvern certify the brokers, and their listing could help you choose one. However, on-demand flights present the setbacks of varying prices and flights cancellations.

Jet card or membership program
If you fly 10 to 100 hours per year, then jet cards and membership programs suit your needs. Job cards provide benefits of full or fractional ownership, and you are guaranteed fixed pricing. If you fly between 50 to 400 hours, you might consider fractional ownership or lease.
Blocks of time are available if you fly for 10 hours per year, while pay-as-you-go programs charge an annual membership, but you pay per trip. In addition, you can upgrade or downgrade based on your needs. For example, if you fly for over 200 hours a year, you may need full aircraft ownership.

Highlights of the Best Private Jet Packages in Michigan

NetJets offers fractional ownership and jet cards through its Marquis and Elite programs. Aircraft available ranges from Embraer Phenom 300 light jet to Gulfstream G450.
Vistajet -XO (Vista Global Holdings)
Vistajet and XO have combined fleets of 120 private jets, including super-midsize, ultra-long-range, and large cabins. In addition, Vistajet focuses on luxury with its Bombardier Global 7500, which flies 16 hours none stop.
XO offers the Elite Access program on its Challenger 300s and Citation Xs, providing a 3.5-hour rate cap. You can also opt into options of sharing flights by buying single seats on flights initiated by others.
Wheels Up
Wheels Up employ the benefits of technology through an app that schedules flights on short notice. In addition, the company offers packages that you must purchase beforehand in an offer to enjoy their flights. Such packages include:
Connect Membership with a one-time fee of $2995 and annual fees of $2,495. A Core Membership plan goes for $17,500 with a renewal of $8,500 after two years. The Business Membership goes for $29,500 with the option
to renew at $14,500 after two years.
The above plans come with guaranteed availability of aircraft from the company’s fleet.
Delta Private Jets
Delta Private Jets offers Jet Card membership, on-demand charters, and a fleet of over 70 aircraft. Its Jet Card membership starts at $150,000 with no initiation and annual fees. Additionally, Delta has partnered and combined its services with Wheels Up to reap cross-platform benefits.
Flexjet Red Label
With Flexjet, you get fractional ownership options, leasing, Jet Card, Corporate Solutions, and World Access. In addition, you will access a dedicated manager and a personalized crew and a mobile app, and access to private terminals.
For a personalized approach that serves your individual needs, JetLinx provides a known local team, local planes, and pilots to help you. Their services are city-specific, achieved by their 800 floating fleet and terminal locations in 19 cities across the U.S.
JetLinx offers membership packages of Jet Card, Open Seat Exchange (flight-sharing), and One Way Specials.

The Bottom Line

People fly private for several reasons, including luxury, others for business, while others do it for privacy. The pandemic has provided another dimension; the need to avoid crowded places and minimize contact. The best private jet packages in Michigan take into account the various situations in their programs.

On offer are aircraft of all sizes and for various uses, from luxury to emergency purposes. Some arrangements give you the luxury of flying private without the long-term financial commitments of owning a private aircraft. However, it is paramount to consider additional services, including catering, WIFI, and whether you can fly with pets. Ask your operator or broker about restrictions on pets and oversize luggage.

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