6 Best Storage Units Deals in Michigan

If you are in for the best storage units deals in Michigan, go for one that will fit your needs. For example, if you have items that you need to store during the winter months, you want a heated store. Make sure to check the temperature and facilities that stay open all year before you commit to a particular contract.

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The best storage units deals in Michigan come with rich features. Storage units are usually 10 feet wide by 10 feet long by 8 or 9 feet high. The unit sizes come in small, medium, and large partitions. If you have a lot of stuff, it might be better to rent a larger storage unit so that everything can fit inside comfortably.
Best Storage Units Deals in Michigan

There are various security features you can find at public storage facilities. For example, to ensure that only you can access your storage unit, you can ask the facilities about electronic gate keypads or fingerprint scanners.
Storage units can be an essential addition to almost any home, especially if the owner has a lot of possessions that they want to keep but don’t necessarily need them urgently.

Preview of Best Storage Units Deals in Michigan

Rawsonville Self Storage
Rawsonville Self Storage, MI, offers a variety of places to store your stuff. They provide various storage units, from the smallest locker size to larger 10×30 units that can hold up to 480 cubic feet. Outdoor parking is available for RVs and boats, and their staff will help you unload and load your possessions. Additional features of our facility include Drive-up access to all storage units and wide aisles for maneuvering large or multiple items into storage spaces. In addition, there is an on-site manager for your convenience and security.

Storage Mart
StorageMart features storage units of different sizes including 10×10 outdoor, 10×15 outdoor, 10×20 outdoor and 10×30 outdoor. Each unit features ultra-violet light to help prevent mold growth. Also, the units have concrete floors, which are stronger than wood floors for durability. Also, there are metal uprights that you can use if you need extra space for storing items that won’t fit inside the enclosure.

National Storage Centres
National Storage Centers, offers 10′ x 30′, 10′ x 40′, and 15′ x 50′ storage units. They have drive-up access for most of their storage sheds. National Storage also allows renters to park their cars in some of the storage units. They offer climate-controlled storage to maintain temperatures at desirable levels. Their security features provide a higher level of protection for your belongings than most other storage: cameras monitor everything and have electronic gate access to prevent unauthorized people from entering.

Stor Room Self Storage
Storage units sizes vary depending on the items you’re storing and the amount of space you need. In addition to their self-storage units, Stor Room Self Storage also offers climate-controlled storage. As such, you can store items that you don’t want to expose to adverse elements without worrying about their condition deteriorating due to extreme weather conditions.
There exist several types of Store Room units, such as climate-controlled and non-climate controlled rooms. In addition, many Stor Room units also offer various amenities like 24/7 access, security cameras and require a monthly membership and an upfront payment for the storage space.

National Mini Storage
National Mini Storage, MI offers storage units in sizes 4′ x 5′, 5′ x 5′, and 10′ x 30′. They allow renters to park cars in some of their storage sheds. They have climate-controlled storage units, which means the rooms maintain temperature.
They have a lot of security features that you will find helpful in protecting your belongings from the many dangers of renting storage. They offer drive-up access to make moving in and out less inconvenient. Security guards monitor their facilities around the clock, along with cameras monitoring everything.

Premium Self Storage
Premium Self Storage, MI offers storage units of all sizes to accommodate your needs. With climate-controlled units, drive-up access, and the ability to handle residential and commercial storage, they are among the most trusted storage names.
Premium Self Storage provides a secure place for all your belongings. In addition, their helpful staff is always available for questions or concerns via phone or email, and they can even help you with moving supplies if needed. They provide both private residential self-storage units and commercial self-storage options.


Most people who are moving try to find cheap ways to make their move less expensive. One of the most significant expenses is often storage units, but there are ways you can save on them. As such, you need a strategy of minimizing costs. Generally, the more storage unit space you rent, the more it will cost.

Don’t choose a unit too big or too small for your belongings. Also, be aware of how much weight the walls and floors can handle. Finally, keeping your belongings safe is crucial, so it should be important that the best storage units deals in Michigan that you choose to provide security.

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