7 Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in North Carolina

Senior citizens who want to continue working and earn an extra income should consider any of the best driving jobs for seniors in North Carolina. The jobs are available both full-time or part-time, and seniors can opt-in at their convenience. This article provides insight into some of the top driving jobs and their requirements.

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The best driving jobs for seniors in North Carolina offer flexibility and convenience. As a result, seniors can make extra money on their convenient schedules, and more people take these jobs.
Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in North Carolina

Driving laws for seniors

The enforcement of traffic laws is the preserve of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
North Carolina traffic laws require drivers of 66 years and older to renew their licenses in person every five years, while those between 18 to 65 must continue every eight years. In addition, DMV personnel conduct vision tests and may recommend restrictions on a senior driver based on their findings.

Family members may also report seniors for unsafe driving. Acting on information received, DMV may restrict the seniors to either of the following: daylight driving only, speeds not exceeding 45 miles per hour, no interstate driving, or a requirement to drive only in the company of a licensed driver.

A brief on the Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in North Carolina

Delivery driver
Deliveries are available for a variety of businesses and products. Seniors can deliver anything from food to appliances safely using their car or truck in an area they know well. Deliveries usually require less than 100 miles per day with flexible time off during the weekdays and weekends, depending on the route.
Truck driver
Truck drivers transport a wide variety of large equipment, supplies, and goods for all types of businesses. They usually drive across state lines to deliver their cargo and are paid per mile or by the job. The hours can be long, but seniors are given more time off. In addition, seniors get opportunities for part-time work during slow periods.
Taxi and Cab Driving
There is a significant demand for taxi and cab drivers throughout the state of North Carolina. Seniors can use their car or rent a vehicle to drive around town, picking up passengers who need rides. The hours are flexible, but seniors need to adhere to strict local laws about when they should be driving customers during busy times like rush hour, on holidays, or during severe weather.
School Bus Driver
School bus drivers transport students and staff to different locations for school events like field trips or plays. They drive a safe vehicle with passengers along designated routes throughout the day in their local area. School buses are usually larger than other vehicles, thus requiring the experience of a senior citizen.
Uber and Lyft Driver
Uber and Lyft drivers make their schedule by turning on the Uber or Lyft app to accept requests for rides in their local area. The hours are flexible, but they must be available during certain times when there is a high demand from customers looking for a ride.
Emergency Services
Senior citizens also work as volunteer drivers in North Carolina. Senior driving jobs at hospitals are available to drive safely on roads during emergencies or bad weather conditions like rain and snow. You can also drive an ambulance if you have the license and experience to handle emergency vehicles in this job. Similarly, you can drive firefighting trucks.
There are senior driving jobs for individuals with disabilities as well. In addition, many companies offer special transportation services like wheelchair van rentals or handicap vehicle rentals that require specially trained drivers, 0who are called paratransit drivers. You can find such jobs in the newspaper or online.
Company transport services
Some seniors also work as drivers for large organizations like hotels, casinos, and transportation companies. They are always looking out for experienced people to drive their transport services. These senior driving jobs usually offer good pay, which is why they prefer hiring older individuals who have been around roads before.

Your Final Take

If you are a senior citizen, you can find the best driving jobs for seniors in North Carolina by looking for the above companies online. If you had been a driver in your previous job, you are at an advantage because the employer would value your years of driving experience as an advantage.

Senior drivers can work as bus drivers, school bus drivers, or taxi cab drivers. Bus and Taxi companies need senior citizens to drive their buses because they are adept at road safety. They also do not require any training fee, which is very convenient for them. If you are well-versed with the laws and regulations, you can be a school bus driver without much struggle. You have to apply for it through your local DMV office.

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