7 Best Online Dating Options For Seniors In Ohio

You’ve tried your hand at meeting singles in bars or at large social gatherings and found out it doesn’t work for you. Here’s where online dating comes in, but with so many options, how will you ever find the right one? The key is to shoot for sites with a low number of offenders. Below are the best online dating options for seniors in Ohio.

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Many of the best online dating options for seniors in Ohio have specific features that cater to seniors, such as free membership, no-commitment trial periods and specialized search functions. However, dating as a senior can be tricky as many people are still looking for a partner.
Best Online Dating Options For Seniors In Ohio

It may be challenging to get the right person, especially when you’re over 50 and want to find someone who is mature and carry similar interests to yours. If you are a senior looking for love, you might consider finding your match online, as there are plenty of options.

When you’re ready to start dating in Ohio, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most important is that online dating can be slightly different from offline dating. For example, showing up on your first date sporting sweatpants and no makeup may be a good idea, but this isn’t a strategy that will work well with online dating.

You need to do your best because you don’t know who will see your profile. You may be worried about what your potential love interest might think upon seeing some old photos or videos on Facebook. In that case, you should consider spending some time ensuring that everything is correct before posting anything online.

Highlights of Best Online Dating Options For Seniors In Ohio

Match.com is the best option for those looking for a long-term relationship for the more traditional. It’s one of the oldest and most popular dating sites, and it boasts over 30 million members worldwide. Match has been around so long that they’ve also become famous for their personality profiling system: over 100 million people have taken their “Personality Profile” test and claimed to have found love in this way.

Elite Singles
Elite Singles prides itself on its members’ intentions. It’s for people looking for a serious relationship, not just a hook-up. The site also has an “A-List” option which costs extra and aims to give users access to higher quality matches by allowing them to filter out profiles of people who aren’t serious about finding a partner.

SeniorPeopleMeet is a senior dating site with a large member base and offers its services for free. It’s easy to sign up and navigate through. SeniorPeopleMeet has been around since 2002, so they know what they’re doing.

They have A+ Better Business Bureau and over two million users worldwide, making it one of the most popular senior dating sites today: you can’t go wrong with them.

OurTime.com is an online dating website specifically for singles over 50 years old, and it’s free to join. The site claims to have millions of members, so you’re bound to find someone in Ohio who fits your criteria. You can search through profiles or set up your account and get started.

AARP Dating
AARP Dating is a great option for seniors in Ohio who are looking for a serious relationship. The site has a user interface that is easy to use, and you can search for matches on their website or mobile app. AARP Dating also has excellent customer service.

Should you have concerns about anything related to the site, their customer service team will be happy to help you out.

eHarmony is a senior dating site with a large user base and a high percentage of active users. The service is free to join, but you can upgrade to eHarmony’s A-list membership if you want more features like access to live chat and more detailed search capabilities.

For those who prefer their romantic affairs with a tech side, eHarmony also offers an app that allows you to browse profiles on the go.

OkCupid enables seniors to meet new people and make friends with other singles. The users answer questions about themselves and then match up with compatible partners based on their answers. OkCupid doesn’t charge anything extra to use it beyond the cost of free membership.


As we age, dating tends to take a backseat to other activities that seem more important. However, many individuals still yearn for love and companionship. They want someone to share the silly little details of their life and someone to look forward to spending time with regularly.

But where do you start with online dating? We have put together this article to help you choose the best online dating options for seniors in Ohio based on your activity level and preferences.

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