7 Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In California

The best online doctoral degree options in California have a long tradition of producing leaders in research, medicine, business, and government. California’s universities are also working hard to keep up with modern education trends, and many are developing distance education programs that can help students earn their degrees online from anywhere.

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Many of the best online doctoral degree options in California are available for those who have already completed graduate-level studies and have some experience in the world of higher learning.
Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In California

Pursuing an online doctoral degree is a good option if you have a busy schedule or want to enroll in an out-of-state program that is not available to you locally. By pursuing your graduate studies online, you can work at your own pace and enjoy greater flexibility with your coursework.

Students can study business administration, counseling psychology, higher education leadership, and more at these schools. Additionally, some programs require students to complete internships or fieldwork before graduating.

A doctorate of philosophy (Ph.D.) is the most common doctoral degree offered at online universities in California. Other online doctoral degrees include education, nursing practice, pharmacy, and psychology. In addition to these professional degrees, elite schools offer research-based doctorates that prepare graduates for careers in academia or research organizations.

Several California schools offer online doctorates that can help students advance their careers and impact their professions. That applies to those who want to pursue high-level research or careers as professors or experts in their fields.

Students who opt to earn doctoral degrees online can save money on the cost of living and commuting and may complete their degree more quickly than those who attend on-campus programs. California offers a variety of online doctorate options, from education to business, available at different schools around the state.

Preview of Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In California

California Southern University
California Southern University offers an online, accredited Ph.D. in the Psychology degree program. Students require to attain a minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework and then complete a dissertation. The program prepares graduates for clinical, counseling, forensic, and school psychology careers.

San Diego State University
USC offers an online Ph.D. in Business Adminisration. Though most of these programs are designed for professionals who already have jobs, they can be helpful resources to those who want to further their education through distance learning. You can choose one of three areas of specialization.

The University of California-Berkeley
The University of California-Berkeley offers an online doctorate in an education degree program that prepares graduates for leadership roles in educational environments such as schools, research institutions, and government agencies. The program requires students to complete a research project or thesis.

University of Southern California (USC)
USC has an online Ph.D. program that focuses on the subject matter of the Humanities. In addition, USC is a leader in online education. The School of Humanities & Social Sciences at USC is a nationally recognized institution with a strong reputation and excellent track record.

Another popular program at USC is the Doctorate in Education (EdD) degree. The EdD suits those who want to pursue teaching careers and those interested in other types of leadership positions.

University of La Verne Online Doctoral Programs
La Verne offers several online doctoral degree programs, including educational leadership and organizational leadership. Students must complete a research project to graduate from these programs and can earn their degrees in as few as 18 months by enrolling in accelerated courses, or they may pursue a more traditional pace of study.

California State University Northridge
This school offers a Doctorate of Education with an emphasis in Postsecondary and Adult Education. The program will help students gain an understanding of current issues in adult learning, as well as use technology for adult education.

In addition, students will be able to analyze and understand the process of teaching adults and create new trends in the field. Graduate assistantships may be available for this program, paying up to 50% of total tuition.

University of California Riverside
The University of California Riverside offers a Doctorate of Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. This program fits those looking to teach and lead a postsecondary institution level or higher education administration.

Students also learn how to investigate current problems in the educational system and solve them through innovation.

Final Take

California offers some of the most diverse and highest-quality institutions for higher learning, so it’s no surprise that the state is home to many top-notch online programs. We’ve sorted through the best online doctoral degree options in California to make the decision easier with so many options available.

In addition, some of California’s more than 30 public four-year colleges and universities have received national recognition for affordability, with average tuition rates consistently below the national average.

In addition, California has more private nonprofit and for-profit colleges than any other state in the U.S., providing even more options for prospective students. Students can choose from dozens of online doctoral degrees in California, including various programs across disciplines such as business, education, engineering, and health sciences.

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