8 Best Mattress Stores in Texas

Are there indications of sagging on your mattress? It is time you go to the web and search for what the best mattress stores in Texas have in store for you. Texas has got a host of stores offering several mattress options. It will help if you get assistance as much as possible on what to look out for in a brick-and-mortar store.

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The best mattress stores in Texas agree that their staff will either make or break their relationship with customers. That is why they have invested in training knowledgeable salespeople who know what they are doing. Your typical store is likely to provide mattresses of different brands and allow sleep tests before purchase. In addition, they offer several incentives, including warranties, discounts, night trials, and options to return if not satisfied. The bottom line is a matter of which mattress will ultimately meet your needs.
Best Mattress Stores in Texas

A Review of the Best Mattress Stores in Texas

Texas Mattress Makers (4619 Navigation Blvd., Houston, TX 77011)
All their products are locally made, and you get options to order a customized hand-made mattress fitting your needs. You are allowed to test mattresses in their expansive showroom that houses many mattress types.

Your experience is made better by experienced staff who are in a position to suggest a good fit. You get such mattresses as memory foam, innerspring, pocketed coil, latex, hybrid, euro top, and more. If interested, you can hop into their showroom and get 12 months of interest-free financing.

Mattress Distributors of Texas (3308 N Commerce St)
You have to book an appointment to shop with Mattress Distributors. The company avoids brick-and-mortar stores through this arrangement, which means the costs saved trickle down to you getting better deals.

Mattress Firm (207¹ Westheimer Rd Ste C, Houston, TX 77098)
You can trust the 30-year-old company to stock a broad selection of quality mattresses that serves your needs. You get everything from helpful staff to 120-night trials and options to return and replace a mattress with the right fit. If in need, you can apply for financing.

Mattress Firm is the most prominent mattress retailer and provides various mattresses and accessories, including beds, bedding, and pillows. Their team of sleep experts is always there to assist you in finding the perfect mattress.

Houston Mattress Factory (540¹ Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77023)
The Houston Mattress Factory is a local company specializing in customized hand-made mattresses. You are spoilt for choice on their organic varieties, including latex, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses. You can also purchase adjustable beds.

Mattresses for Less (10519 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024)
Mattresses for Less Store stocks mattresses from Serta, Kingsdown, and Corsicana. Their stock includes adjustable beds and bedroom accessories. If you shop with them, you get instant delivery, a 120-night guarantee, and friendly staff to ensure you get a suitable match. You can also get financing with flexible terms.

Sleep Experts (3007 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206)
Sleep Experts decided that happy staff led to a happy customer and went full blast in creating a conducive working environment for their staff. You will experience excellent services in-store when purchasing and in-home when delivering mattresses to your home.

Dallas Natural Mattress (11661 Preston Rd 301, Dallas, TX 75230)
By using helpful and flexible staff, Dallas Natural Mattress try their best to accommodate your needs. Their top-notch customer service will make you want to shop with them again and again. At their store, you get toxin-free mattresses manufactured locally.

Amerisleep Houston (5135 W Alabama St Houston TX 77056)
At Amerisleep, you are treated to your satisfaction by a knowledgeable and helpful sales team. On offer are quality, comfortable, and well-packaged mattresses from five brands. Their American-made mattresses use breathable and responsive cutting-edge components.

Nicknamed “Apple Store,” Amerisleep thrives in a private personalized experience. You are provided with a “dream suite” where you can take a short nap away from other shoppers. In addition, if your mattress doesn’t please you after using it for the first three months, they will provide a full refund.

Your Take

Unless you don’t sleep on your mattress, it is disposable after 10-15 years, after which it sags and tears. So, it is time to look for the best mattress stores in Texas that stock your kind of mattress and offer promotions and discounts along with after-sales services.

You can obtain your mattress directly from showrooms, retailers, or specialty mattress and furniture stores. In addition, you can save costs by buying mattresses when the store has sales promotions and discounts.

Your choice of the best options is guided by customer service, company ratings and reviews, affordability, return policies, and deliveries. In addition, the best stores provide more extended mattress testing periods and have knowledgeable and experienced staff who guide you to satisfaction.

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