8 Best Online Degree Options in Michigan

Many reasons contribute to your decision to go back to school. Some professions require an advanced degree in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree. In other instances, having a college degree can open up career advancement opportunities. No matter the case, you may consider enrolling for the best online degree options in Michigan.

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The best online degree options in Michigan offer various career opportunities with an education that you can learn anywhere. Such an arrangement works well for those who want to work full time. The flexibility of the program is one of the reasons why it would be a good idea to get an online degree. The benefit of having an online degree is the convenience, especially if you have a full-time job and family responsibilities. It would be difficult for somebody to take off work to sit in a class and learn.
Best Online Degree Options in Michigan

Features of the Best Online Degree Options in Michigan

Michigan’s universities, colleges, community colleges and private institutions offer online degree programs in various subjects. There are associate degrees through bachelor’s degrees available that are entirely online.
Each course must meet the standards set by each institution. While some students take classes on campus, other methods are available online. The goal is the same, to receive a degree. Below are the highlights:

Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University online programs include undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees available for students to enhance their career opportunities.

Grand Valley State University
Grand Valley State University hosts over seventy undergraduate programs, including a wide array of online Master’s and doctoral degree programs. In addition, the University is known for its business programs, especially the Accounting program, which ranks number one in Michigan according to US News & World Report.

Wayne State University
Wayne State University provides an excellent opportunity to earn their Master’s of Social Work online. The program requires 60 credit hours to complete the degree requirements. Students have the freedom to live anywhere they choose and complete their work asynchronously.

University of Michigan
The University of Michigan offers blended classes, including face-to-face meetings throughout the year. Students get a chance to meet and discuss ideas with other participants. Blended Learning describes courses that are both online and on-campus.
The University has online degree programs that are available through their Ann Arbor campus. The University offers fully online degrees as well as classes that are partially blended. Students can choose which classes to take depending on what works best with their schedule.

University of Detroit Mercy
The University of Detroit Mercy provides blended courses and asynchronous online learning, thus making it possible for students to complete their classwork on their schedule. As a result, time management becomes more manageable and less stressful than keeping up with deadlines and due dates.
Detroit Mercy offers many other classes that are partially blended. Thus, students will have access to instructors, attend classes with other participants, and complete their work online. Courses including Foundations of Education are partially blended.
Learners discuss ideas together while taking the online portion of the course on their schedule. You can choose an entirely online or partially blended course. In addition, the college provides access to academic advisors when signing up for an online degree program.

Michigan Technological University
Michigan Tech hosts 125 undergraduate and graduate degree options ranging from Anthropology to Engineering. In addition, students can earn both bachelors and masters within a short period of five years.
You need to attain a GPA of 3.0. The enrollment requirements include a high school or GED diploma and must submit ACT or SAT. Financial aid is also available.

Madonna University
If you enroll in an online program at Madonna University, you get a choice of doctoral and Master’s degrees in Accountancy, Criminal Justice, Leadership, and Intelligence. Moreover, you can major in higher education administration and Nursing Home management.
The qualification criteria include a high school diploma with a GPA of at least 2.8. In addition, all students qualify automatically for merit-based scholarships.

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix has locations throughout Michigan, allowing any student who wants an online degree to choose that option. The school offers bachelor through doctorate degrees that are entirely online. Students will have access to academic advisors who can assist with any questions arising throughout the process.

Wrapping it Up

The best online degree options in Michigan offer a wide variety of marketable courses that would help you in advancing your career. However, before you make arrangements to get an online degree, it is essential to research all the requirements.
The cost of college has witnessed an increase over the years. The rise in tuition fees has made many parents rethink their child’s education after high school. In addition, the current economy makes everybody consider whether or not sending kids to college is worth it these days.

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