8 Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In Ohio

If you are interested in achieving the highest degree, a doctorate from the best online doctoral degree options in Ohio might be what you need. Doctoral programs are intensive, and many students find it helpful to earn their degrees online. In addition, the online format allows you to continue working while pursuing a doctorate at your pace.

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To aid your search for the best online doctoral degree options in Ohio, we’ve compiled a list of top-ranked schools in Ohio with their online doctoral program offerings. Online programs help you save money on room and board while still getting the same level of education as on-campus programs.
Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In Ohio

You can earn doctoral degrees in various subjects, including philosophy, fine arts, medicine, and science. A doctorate is the highest academic degree you can earn as it signifies your achievement and provides the opportunity for further education and research.

You can earn doctoral degrees in various subjects, including philosophy, fine arts, medicine, and science. Some popular doctorate degrees in Ohio include (D.A.) Doctor of Arts, (Ed.D.) Doctor of Education, (D.M.A.) Doctor of Musical Arts, and (DProf) Doctor of Professional Studies.

Other popular programs include (DSocSci) Doctor of Social Science, (DMan) Doctor of Management, (D Eng) Doctor of Engineering, and (ThD) Doctor of Theology.

Preview of the Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In Ohio

Southern New Hampshire University
Southern New Hampshire University offers a Doctor of Business Administration program with a concentration in leadership, education specialist degree, and a doctorate in nursing practice. The university has five start dates throughout the year and allows students to transfer up to 90 credits into the program.

The education specialist degree serves educators with a master’s degree, while the DNP program prepares graduates for advanced practice roles in healthcare settings.

Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University is located in Phoenix but offers online classes to students worldwide. In addition, Grand Canyon offers an online Doctor of Education in Leadership in Special Education that has full accreditation.

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Fairleigh Dickinson University offers a doctorate of education in educational leadership for students who want to pursue or advance careers in instructional leadership and strategic planning.

Depending on your professional goals, you can follow the student achievement track or the organizational leadership track. The 60-credit program includes organizational behavior, strategic planning and analysis, public relations and communications, and project management.

Concordia University Chicago
Concordia University Chicago offers an online doctor of education degree in curriculum and instruction. The 60-credit hour program teaches students how to effectively develop a curriculum that meets educational standards from the state to international levels.

In addition, students learn how to use research to design a curriculum that addresses the needs of diverse populations and aligns with government standards.

Franklin University
The Columbus-based Franklin University offers graduate degrees, including an online doctorate in business administration (DBA). Franklin’s DBA program is for working professionals who want to develop advanced skills in leadership and management.

Students can complete Franklin’s DBA program entirely online. The DBA curriculum includes 66 credits across six distinct modules.

Denison University in Granville
Denison University offers online doctoral degrees in nursing and education. Denison is a small liberal arts university with high academic standards; its emphasis on the humanities makes it a good choice for students interested in teaching or working at the college level.

Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland
Case Western Reserve University offers online doctoral degrees in nursing, dental medicine, and clinical research. In addition, the university boasts a world-renowned medical school and business school and an excellent engineering program.

Case Western Reserve has a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning, and many of its programs rank highly on national lists.

Kent State University
Kent State University offers online doctoral degrees in its eight campuses, including a distance learning program that offers courses and programs online. The school’s online courses use Blackboard, an online learning management system (LMS).

This LMS allows students access to their course material from any computer with an internet connection at a time convenient for them. Doctoral programs available at Kent State include Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctor of Nursing Practice/Master of Business Administration (DNP/MBA), and Doctor of Education (EdD)

Final Take

If you are seeking the best online doctoral degree options in Ohio to help further your career, then an online doctoral degree might be an excellent option for you. The benefits of pursuing an online doctorate go far beyond convenience and flexibility.

They include the ability to manage your schedule, continue working while studying, and graduate in less time than it would take for full-time studies. The state of Ohio has many great options for students who want to earn their doctorate degrees online.

Earning an online doctoral degree helps you advance your career, get high-paying jobs, promotions, leadership positions, and boost your income.

Finally, prospective doctoral students should look for a program recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation or by the U.S. Department of Education.

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