8 Best Pet Insurance Options in North Carolina

Pet insurance is an important tool for protecting your pet from pet care expenses. It can help pay unexpected medical bills, like surgery or cancer treatments, while keeping your beloved companion healthy and happy. We’ve done the homework for you to decide which company to choose through our list of best pet insurance options in North Carolina.

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Pet insurance from the best pet insurance options in North Carolina is an important tool for protecting your pet and your family from pet care expenses. Pet insurance can be a great way to help pay for unexpected vet visits, more serious illnesses, accidents, and dental care.
Best Pet Insurance Options in North Carolina

Pet insurance provides that your pet will get the care and treatment they need when sick or injured. The best pet insurance companies will offer various coverage options at varying prices.

You can commit to paying a monthly fee in exchange for coverage from an insurance company against the animal hospital and veterinary bills. For example, if your dog gets injured, you can use your pet insurance policy to pay for treatment at a veterinarian’s office or walk-in clinic instead of paying cash out of pocket.

Outline of Best Pet Insurance Options in North Carolina

Healthy Paws
Healthy Paws is the best overall pet insurance provider in North Carolina. Their plans have no restrictions, so you can always be sure your pet is covered. Even if your pet has a preexisting condition, Healthy Paws will cover you.

The company also offers wellness plans for those who want to ensure their pets stay healthy with coverage for routine care, vaccinations, and behavioral training. In addition to standard health plans, Healthy Paws also offers special plans for older pets and animals who require regular medication or treatment (like diabetes).

Healthy Paws charge lower deductibles on average than other providers, and you’ll also get excellent customer service, having been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Embrace Pet Insurance offers plans that cover accidents, illnesses, and hereditary conditions, including cancer and diabetes (if diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian). They also offer wellness benefits such as discounted exams, vaccines, and flea/tick prevention products.

Embrace works with veterinary hospitals across the country, where customers can go directly without needing to pay out-of-pocket co-pays until they reach their deductible amount first. This arrangement makes it easy if you need emergency services during off-hours when many vets’ offices are closed.

Figo provides medical insurance for dogs and cats and supports local animal rescue organizations by offering three different plans: Basic, Enhanced, and Ultimate. The basic plan covers accidents and illnesses but doesn’t have other benefits like dental or wellness programs.

If your pet has a severe injury that requires surgery or ongoing treatment, they may be eligible for additional coverage under their Enhanced plan. The Ultimate plan covers everything included in the Enhanced plan, plus dental care for your dog/cat.

Petplan offers a wide range of coverage plans, but their standard plan is usually very affordable. They have exceptional customer service, and they have some of the best coverage for preexisting conditions in the industry.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
ASPCA’s pet health insurance plans are an excellent option for North Carolina residents, particularly those who want to keep their pets healthy and protected. ASPCA offers several plans that are customizable based on your needs and budget.

Their accident-only plan provides coverage in the event of death caused by unintentional injury or illness within the first year after enrollment. The accident and illness plan covers accidents and illnesses during the policy term.

Trupanion is a well-respected pet insurance company offering a range of plans with different coverage options, including a comprehensive plan that covers 80% of eligible expenses and includes illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, and preventive care visits.

With their claims, there’s no waiting period before you can use any benefits paid out by Trupanion: You’ll submit an invoice from your vet along with the claim form they provide; then, they’ll reimburse you directly.

24PetWatch Pet Insurance
24PetWatch started operations in 2003 and now insures pets in many countries. It’s particularly good for multiple pet households because you can insure all your animals with just one policy.

24PetWatch covers pets of any age, but it does require an annual wellness exam (or equivalent) to qualify for coverage. They also have a mobile app that lets you add new pets, file claims on the go, and track your claim status.

Pets Best
Pets Best is one of the best pet insurance companies in the U.S. They have a long-standing reputation for having the best customer service and comprehensive coverage on their policies—and their top rating backs that up from Consumer Reports.

Pets Best offers dozens of plans to choose from, with varying levels of coverage, deductibles, and maximum payout limits.


Many pet insurance plans are available to pet owners in North Carolina. If you’re looking for the best pet insurance options in North Carolina, we recommend researching and understanding which plan best meets your needs before purchasing one.

The cost of pet insurance varies depending on where you live, the type of coverage you choose, and your dog’s age range. You may have to look at several options before deciding to find one that fits your budget but still provides everything needed for quality care and peace of mind should something happen.

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