9 Best Dog Food Options In North Carolina

If you have a dog and live in North Carolina, you probably wonder what the best pet food options are for your furry friend. This article will give you detailed information on the top brands of dog food based on ingredient quality, price, and customer reviews. We’re trying to help with this list of the best dog food options in North Carolina.

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There are essential factors to consider when choosing the best dog food options in North Carolina, including age, size and temperament. Younger dogs need different nutrition than older dogs. Larger breeds require more calories than smaller breeds since they will have more enormous appetites with higher energy needs due to their size and activity level.
Best Dog Food Options In North Carolina

Finding the best dog food options isn’t always easy. Many brands claim to have all-natural ingredients, but it can be hard to know which ones are what they claim. We narrowed the list to the top options based on their ingredients and nutritional value to make things easier.

To help in determining which dog food is right for your pup, we’ve compiled this guide with some helpful tips:

Top Best Dog Food Options In North Carolina

Wellness Core
Wellness Core option is one of the best dog foods in North Carolina that help you give your pet a nutrient-rich diet that will keep them feeling their best. It uses whole foods and limited ingredients to create its products.

Their recipes are grain-free, so they eliminate the need for fillers in their food. It means they can use high-quality proteins like chicken, turkey and salmon and fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, apples and blueberries.

Whether you choose from Wellness Core’s lineup of products, you can feel good about what you’re feeding your dog because there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in any of their foods.

Fromm Family Foods
Fromm Family Foods offers dry dog food, wet dog food, and treats for adult dogs and puppies with a commitment to quality. For example, their dry dog foods range from 4-Star to 7-Star recipes (the higher the star rating, the better the recipe).

Fromm’s wet foods are available in pâté, stewed or shredded varieties for easier eating for your pup. Fromm’s treats range from beef hearts to freeze-dried duck feet, depending on your favorite furry friend’s tastes.

Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo uses simple ingredients and quality manufacturing. The first thing you’ll notice about Blue Buffalo is the simplistic ingredient list. With their tasty flavors and wholesome ingredients, your dogs will love them.

Natural Balance
Natural Balance Dog Food suits dog with allergies or sensitive stomachs as it contains no corn, wheat or soy. Their formula contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, no chicken or poultry by-product meals, and it offers several recipes for grain-free options if your dog has more sensitive needs.

Merrick offers a range of dry and wet foods and treats that can be purchased online or in pet specialty stores. Merrick’s grain-free options are suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

The company also offers limited-ingredient diets for dogs with allergies and tummy troubles.

Royal Canine
Royal Canine’s products are developed exclusively by veterinarians and nutritionists. The company bases its recipes on extensive research into breeds’ nutritional requirements, so Royal Canine has something for every breed and size of the dog.

Taste of the Wild
Taste of the Wild is a fantastic grain-free food option for North Carolina dogs with grain allergies. The food uses quality ingredients and has beneficial probiotics to promote your dog’s coat and skin health.

You won’t worry about your dog being picky during mealtime with great taste. Taste of the Wild isn’t only good for your dog, and it’s affordable!

Purina Pro Plan Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
This brand makes healthy pet food products with natural ingredients like chicken and brown rice meal and vitamins A, E and B12. This brand also claims to be free of preservatives or artificial colors/flavors. It is pet-tested and approved by the FDA for keeping your dog happy and healthy. Plus, its products come in various flavors to keep your furry friend happy no matter what his taste buds crave!

Iams ProActive Health Dog Food
This brand has a history of producing quality pet foods that are nutritious and affordable. Their formulas are made of high-quality ingredients and have a wide range of options for different breeds, ages, and life stages. Veterinarians and animal nutritionists alike trust the brand.


It’s no secret that many pet owners would do anything to ensure their fur babies have the very best in life. While factors are available when choosing the best dog food options in North Carolina, it’s vital to consider the ingredients and how fresh they are.

If you live in North Carolina and want to find the best dog foods for your furry family member, look no further than these top-rated picks.

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