9 Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in Florida

Are you retired and bored stiff? Maybe you can do with some bit of driving action. There are several offers of the best driving jobs for Seniors in Florida. Get rejuvenated and share your expertise with novice drivers while earning extra bucks. You can even do this part-time according to your schedule.

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The best driving jobs for seniors in Florida give you a much-needed break from dull and slow retirement life. You can drive at your convenience while earning extra income from any of the opportunities discussed below. But, first, get the legal requirements as per below:
Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in Florida

Driving Laws for Seniors in Florida

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) imposes special requirements on seniors. Drivers age 80+ must renew their licenses every six years while 79 and below renew permits after eight years.
DHSMV personnel performs a vision test and complete a mature driver vision test form within one year of receiving the renewal request. Hence, the need to appear in person.
License Restrictions
Florida’s DHSMV can place the following restrictions on conducting a test-driving session with a senior: require senior to have glasses or corrective contact lenses, install additional left side rearview mirror, bar night driving, get mechanical directional signals, wear a hearing aid, automatic transmission vehicle with power steering, and driver-assisted controls.
Unsafe Driver Investigation in Florida
Information from a doctor, agency, or individual may provide DHSMV with reports that determine a person’s ability to drive safely. Additionally, family members and neighbors may provide valuable information to the authorities.

Outline of the Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in Florida

Taxi Driving
A car and a license are all you need to start. The rest follows on the job. Before starting, select a busy location near airports, train stations, or attractions frequently visited by large crowds. You can do surveys to map geographical locations on the job.
Ride-Sharing Apps
Enroll for Uber and Lyft and get customers via their mobile apps. After registering with them, you can control how you work. Your clients make orders and pay through the app. Through the contacts of friends and family members, you can research their viability before starting.
As a chauffeur, you drive individuals on high-end vehicles to their preferred locations. Some of them may want your clean records for trust purposes since they entrust you with their personal belongings.
To start, you can decide to be employed by a company offering chauffeur services, or you can work independently. But, again, plenty of information on how to pull this is available on the Internet.
Bus Driver (Public Transport)
As a bus driver, you are responsible for ferrying passengers to particular destinations set by the bus company. In addition, you have to contend with traffic, weather and sometimes difficult customers. As such, you should possess good customer handling skills.
School Bus Driver
School bus driving is an exciting job for seniors who want to stay close to young kids. It provides a flexible schedule to a senior who wants some part-time engagement. Apart from the traditional school bus, you can get employed as a CareDriver under HopSkipDrive arrangement to drive school kids with special deals.
The kids under HopSkipDrive are given the package due to location or because of extra-curricula activities. As a driver under this arrangement, you must exercise high levels of professionalism.
Parcel Delivery Driver
Parcel services are popular with online stores. Their customers make orders online, but the goods they buy require delivery to their premises or homes. Here is where you come in as a driver working independently.
We have several companies, including Amazon, CitizenShipper, Roadie, UPS, Hermes, DOD, FedEx, and more. Most of these companies are actively recruiting. You can work for these companies by using your own or their van.
Truck Driving
A quick look at websites of job placement agencies shows several active adverts on vacancies for trucks drivers. You can get part-time jobs. Alternatively, you can get one-off flexible driving jobs. The job matches perfectly the position of seniors.
Food Deliveries
You can enroll at UberEast, GrubHub, for delivery. You can join as a self-employed and collect food from restaurants for direct delivery to customers at home. Such an arrangement entitles the company to a percentage of your earnings.
Grocery Delivery Driver
You can take advantage of the stay home effects of the pandemic and deliver groceries in partnership with Instacart and Walmart Grocery. In addition, you can visit job sites to find out who is hiring.

Final Submission

Access to the best driving jobs for seniors in Florida is possible if you are compliant with the DHSMV requirements. Moreover, you need to join Florida driver improvement programs to improve your skills and increase your chances of getting jobs. Local course offerings for seniors in Florida are called Mature Driver Courses.

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