9 Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In Georgia

Georgia makes it to the top 10 states for online graduate education and is the best for overall academic quality. It is home to outstanding universities that offer the best online doctoral degree options in Georgia. Most online doctoral programs are in business and education, with fewer nursing, health administration, and counseling programs.

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The best online doctoral degree options in Georgia are convenient for adult students who have other obligations, such as a full-time job or childcare. As a fact, many of Georgia’s universities gear their online programs to cater to these types of students.
Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In Georgia

Georgia offers a wide range of options and possibilities for those looking to pursue a doctoral degree. With over 50 schools and universities offering doctoral programs in the state, there is a lot to consider. But, at the same time, Georgia offers a wealth of opportunities that may make it ideal for an aspiring doctorate student.

Students who wish to enroll in an online program need to be highly motivated, have good time management skills and be comfortable working alone. Various programs are online, while others require campus visits or clinical work.

Online doctoral degrees are available in several fields, including nursing, business administration, public health, education, psychology, computer information systems, and criminal justice.

Summary of Best Online Doctoral Degree Options In Georgia

Augusta University
Augusta University offers two entirely online doctoral programs through its College of Nursing: a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a Ph.D. in Nursing Science. In addition, the School of Nursing at Augusta University offers an online Ph.D. program that focuses on nursing theory and research methodology.
The curriculum comprises 96 credit hours, with the option of completing it full-time or part-time.

Clayton State University
Clayton State University offers a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with specializations in Criminal Justice Administration; Health Services Management; Nonprofit Management; Public Management; Technology Management; and Transportation & Logistics Management.

Valdosta State University
Valdosta State University offers online doctoral degrees through their College of Education: an EdD in Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment; an EdD in Educational Leadership; and an EdD in Teaching & Learning.

The curriculum consists of core classes, specialization classes, electives, research seminars, field experience hours, and a dissertation or research project.

Georgia Southern University
Georgia Southern University offers an EdD in Higher Education Leadership and Practice program online through distance education. Applicants require a master’s degree and submit GRE scores, official transcripts, and three letters of recommendation along with their application.

Georgia Southern University also offers an online Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and a Doctor of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. In addition, students pursue Measurement & Evaluation, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, and Dissertation Seminar.

Georgia State University
Georgia State University offers an online doctorate in education with three specializations; Instructional Technology, K-12 Leadership, and Adult Education. Students may also choose to pursue a dissertation or a capstone experience in the program.

Kennesaw State University
The university offers a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Instructional Technology to teachers who want to take their unique skill sets to the next level by helping other educators improve their methods and classroom experiences.

Students complete 12 core credits, nine specialization credits, and 15 dissertation credits for 36 credits. KSU offers six online doctorate degrees, including a Ph.D. in Leadership and Professional Practice and Leadership and Professional Practice Ed.D.

University of Georgia
The University of Georgia offers coursework leading to doctoral programs. In addition, UGA features an online EdD program with three concentrations: higher education leadership, instructional technology, and educational psychology.

Morehead State University
Morehead State University offers an online doctorate in higher education with five concentrations: administrative leadership, health services administration, human resources development; instructional technology; and organizational communication. Students can opt for a research project or dissertation as their capstone requirement.

Emory University
Emory University in Atlanta offers three online doctoral programs. Their Ph.D. in nursing practice prepares nurses for leadership roles in healthcare settings, while their Doctor of Ministry program focuses on theology and ministry work.

In addition, the university offers an online doctorate in theological studies program that requires students to present their dissertation research at a formal public defense and submit their final paper for publication.

Final Take

The best online doctoral degree options in Georgia provide leadership opportunities, advocacy, and professional development initiatives for graduate students in the state. A Ph.D. degree is the most advanced program an individual can earn in Georgia and often requires years of study and a great deal of research.

These programs are so time-consuming that they only fit individuals with master’s degrees and impressive resumes. Schools offer online doctorate degrees such as Doctor of Education or Doctor of Philosophy.

Ed.D programs emphasize practical applications, while Ph.D. programs focus on academic research and theory. As a result, it is paramount to consider whether you want a research-focused degree or one that will give you more hands-on experience.

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