Affordable Mattress Cleaning Services

Many people don’t get enough sleep at night, but we all need sufficient hours of it to rejuvenate and function. And while cleaning our bedsheets and pillowcases are important, we tend to neglect the mattress itself. This often leads to a detrimental build – up of allergens, bacteria, mold and more.

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Your mattress may be supremely comfortable and high quality, but if it’s dirty and/or contaminated, you’ll soon wake up fatigued with a slew of allergic reactions that will take a toll on your health and daily productivity, such as a stuffy or runny nose, dry and itchy eyes, sneezing, skin breakouts, asthma, etc. But it’s hard to clean and disinfect our mattresses regularly, as daily life is usually very busy and hectic. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem – mattress cleaning services. These professional services will come to your home and thoroughly clean your mattresses for you. And the good news is, they don’t charge a fortune.

The following are some of the most affordable mattress cleaning services.


Clean Sleep

Clean Sleep is a Texas-based company that specializes in mattress cleaning and sanitization. They offer portable solutions and have earned the full trust of hospitals, clinics, hotels, dormitories and other companies over the years. This company has revolutionized the process with its portable tools and chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning materials. They are located in several locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The entire cleaning process only takes about 15 minutes or so, during which the Clean Sleep Machine will remove dust mites, bacteria, stains, odors, and even bed bugs from the mattress using a combination of methods. UVC light tackles germs and a high-powered vacuum removes debris. They also apply a low-moisture cleaning solution, using dry steam to deeply clean even the dirtiest of mattresses. Lastly, they extract all the moisture and sanitize it with infrared heat, which neutralizes any remaining odors. The beautiful result is a mattress that feels blissfully new, with no drying time required and zero harmful chemicals applied in the process.

Clean Sleep offers same – day service and promises that they can eradicate more than 99 percent of bacteria, allergens, pests, stains, and other contaminants. They charge $175 for normal sanitation and $225 for a deep clean. Best of all, the costs are the same regardless of mattress size. Scheduling is available on their site.


Well known for its detergent-free carpet, textile, and mattress cleaning services, Zerorez currently has locations in more than 70 cities in 33 states. The company’s mattress cleaning services leave no soapy residue behind, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. This also prevents any stickiness that might attract more dirt in the future.The Zerorez-patented cleaning process does not use harmful chemicals or cleaning agents. It uses Zr Clean instead, which is enhanced water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful yet safe cleaning solution.

Customers can also opt for additional services like stain removal, pet odor neutralization, and many more. The total cost of the service depends on the size of the mattress and how severe the state of the bed is. The company boasts a 30-day “Gotta Love It” guarantee as well, which promises that if you’re unhappy with the service, Zerorez will return and treat the mattress again, free of charge. You can schedule with them on their website or via phone.

USA Clean Master

All pet parents enjoy cuddling with their furry friends, but when they leave urine stains, dander, or unpleasant odors in the bed, it can make sleeping all but impossible. No worries. USA Clean Master can make your bed like new. This company cleans carpets, upholstery, air ducts, and mattresses with special and effective techniques to rid your bed of those pesky smells and stains.

USA Clean Master performs basic steam cleaning as well as deeper water-extraction cleaning with an upholstery cleaning wand. The company’s methods claim to rid mattresses of mold, mildew, allergens, odors, and stains regardless of where they come from. Cleanings start at $89 for a twin bed and increase based on your bed size and how soiled the mattress is overall. Scheduling is available by phone.

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer started out in Columbus, Ohio, and has been a well trusted old timer in the furniture and textile cleaning world since 1947. They provide carpet, hardwood floor, tile, and upholstery cleaning in addition to mattress cleaning services. Plus, they have 300 locations spread out over 49 states, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find one not too far away from your home.

For mattresses, Stanley Steemer uses an EPA certified steam-cleaning process—also known as hot water extraction. Although this process is not compatible with memory foam, its excellent for spring mattresses. The appointment begins with an inspection of the mattress that focuses on stains, odors, or damage before vacuuming the surface for insoluble fibers like hair or dirt. After vacuuming, Stanley Steemer spot treats problematic areas and uses an upholstery cleaning agent to deep clean the mattress with hot water and a gentle cleaning agent.

The wand vacuums out the hot water along with loosened soil and allergens. Additional services like odor neutralization can be added at this time, too. Once the cleaning process is complete, Stanley inspects the mattress again to ensure you’re satisfied. The total cost depends on what the job entailed. The only real drawback is that the mattress generally takes between five to eight hours to dry, depending on the environment. So it’s highly recommended to schedule a cleaning for the morning hours. Scheduling is only available via phone.

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