Benefits Of Juvederm For Seniors

As we get older, it is natural for our bodies to show physical signs of aging, including on your face. Having a face with noticeable wrinkles, sagging skin and dryness has long been considered a normal part of being a senior. However, thanks to modern cosmetic and medical treatments, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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There are many types of treatments available to make your face look younger and more attractive. They range from topical treatments such as creams and lotions to surgical solutions such as face lifts. There is also an approach that is more in the middle of this range, called facial fillers. This type of treatment involves injecting a special formulation under your facial skin. It is much more effective and long lasting than topical treatments and much less risky and painful than surgical treatments.

One of the most well known and popular filler treatment is Juvederm. It has proven to be very effective and safe and it can be used to accomplish several types of improvements to your facial appearance. There are actually three separate types of Juvederm fillers, which will be discussed below. Following that, are listed the main benefits of Juvederm treatments for seniors.


Juvederm Ultra

This is Juvederm’s general multi-purpose dermal filler that works to correct fine lines and wrinkles, fill the cheeks and the hollows beneath lines, and define features on the face, such as the lips. This treatment is most beneficial for patients with moderate or severe skin concerns, particularly deep wrinkles. This treatment uses a gel-like injection that contours the face in a natural-looking way.

Ultra costs an average of $550 per syringe and your actual cost will depend on how many syringes you need and your medical provider’s fee.

Juvederm Voluma

Voluma is designed to treat stubborn lines around the mouth that other fillers have difficulty fixing. It is designed to restore lost volume in the hollows of cheeks, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. This treatment is also ideal for people who want to redefine the shape of their cheeks.

Voluma costs an average of around $900-1200 per syringe with the average full treatment cost being around $2,600.

Juvederm Volbella

This treatment is a special filler created specifically for filling and shaping the lips. Volbella’s unique formula uses a thinner solution to produce natural-looking results for fuller lips. This treatment can be used on anyone who wants to create a plumper shape and more youthful appearance for their mouth.

Volbella costs around $400-700 per syringe and, due to the smaller targeted area, a single syringe may be sufficient for each treatment. Your actual cost will also depend on your medical provider’s fee.

Non-Surgical and Less Painful

Unlike face lifts and similar procedures, Juvederm treatments are done in a medical office not in a hospital and often require no anesthetic at all. While surgical treatments last a long time, the process for something like a facelift is complicated and comes with a long recovery time. Also, dermal filler treatments like Juvederm are different because they can usually be done with one appointment.

Treatment appointments usually take 15 to 60 minutes to complete depending on how much work needs to be completed. Most patients report that the treatment injections are painless and quick.

Quick Recovery

On the same day as your treatment, you will be free to return to most of your normal daily activities, such as running errands or going to work. You even will be allowed to use make-up and skin care products on the same day of your treatment.

There will be minimal swelling or redness at the injection sites, which are temporary and usually resolve themselves within hours after treatment. Most patients are fully recovered from the treatment within two weeks.

Fast and Long Lasting Positive Results

Many patients report noticing an immediate improved fullness and look to their face within hours of completing the treatment. Full results will become fully visible within 1 to 3 weeks following the injections.

Other dermal fillers can usually last several months at a time. Juvederm Voluma is different because the effects of treatment can last up to 2 years after the treatment – longer than almost every other dermal filler on the market.

Truly Rejuvenates Your Face

Juvederm specializes in using injectable solutions that contain hyaluronic acid, which can help your body stimulate its own regenerative abilities. The main ingredient responsible for this is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in your skin that is responsible for hydration and providing structure for proteins like collagen and elastin. Juvederm injections are effective because hyaluronic acid works best when it can work beneath the surface of skin.

The key to youthful skin is a healthy production of collagen, so dermal fillers like Juvederm that help you produce your own collagen are gold standards for anti-aging cosmetic treatments.

Face Contouring

Many other fillers only fill in enough volume to tighten the skin and erase the most obvious wrinkles. Juvederm treatments give you the ability to alter the shape of your face to your exact preference. It can improve the appearance of your profile and redefine your cheekbones.

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