Best 2023 Cable Deals For Seniors

It has been a long time fact that many seniors watch more TV than the rest of the adult population. Due to the COVID situation, seniors became more attached, and even dependent, on their TV for entertainment and getting the news. This is especially true for seniors who live alone.

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The best way for many people, including seniors, to have easy access to movies, sports, the news and more is via cable TV. Most cable provider companies offer over 100 channels of varying programming content. This kind of quantity and variety of programs keeps seniors entertained and engaged for hours on a daily basis. Of course, cable TV service is not free and seniors are looking for ways to get the best deal.

However, the best deal does not necessarily mean the lowest price. Getting bad quality or non-reliable cable service is never a good deal even if the price is good. Also, it is important that the cable provider offers accessible, friendly and effective customer service and technical support. All of these qualities, combined with a fair price, makes a cable provider “senior friendly” – which is what you should want. Below are discussed the best of these senior friendly cable companies.



This company stands out for allowing flexibility and personal customization of the cable packages they offer. Unlike some other companies, you can add your preferred premium channels (such as movies and live sports) on an a la carte basis, for just a small extra monthly charge. Music-loving seniors will enjoy listening to tunes on Cox’s 50 commercial-free music channels, available on all of their TV packages.

Price Range:

– Starter Package: $53 per month for 75 channels with a two year contract ($93 per month with internet service)

– Ultimate Package: $138 per month for 250 channels with a two year contract ($178 per month with internet service)


For seniors who are already active internet users and not afraid of computer technology, DIRECTV provides TV service that is streamed to you via the internet. This doesn’t mean you are limited to watching only on a computer, as you can easily hook up such a streaming service to a modern Smart TV (which you may already have). Plus, this service gives you the ability to record your favorite programs to watch when you want.

Price Range:

– Entertainment Package: $70 per month for 65 channels with no contract required

– Premier Package: $150 per month for 140 channels with no contract required


This company truly offers you a great deal because they automatically give you both cable TV and internet in one package at one price. Mediacom offers one of the best prices on their packages, starting at just under $30 per month. Plus, their packages include a TiVo digital recorder, which allows you to record your favorite programs. Better yet, they also include a voice controlled remote control with your Mediacom package, which allows you to change channels and search for your favorite shows just by using your voice!

Price Range:

– Internet 100+ Package: $30 per month for 50 channels with a one year contract

– Internet 200+ Package: $100 per month for 170 channels with a one year contract

Spectrum TV

Although this name might be unfamiliar, this is the new company that used to be the very famous and large Time Warner Cable. Due to their size, they have perhaps the largest amount and variety of channels, plus very accessible service and support. A very special offer they have is that they will cover any cancellation fees you might have to pay from switching from your current cable company to them, up to $500. Plus, Spectrum TV offers Mi Latino, a TV package full of Spanish-language channels.

Price Examples:

– Select Package: $50 per month for 125 channels with no contract required ($99 per month with internet service)

– Mi Latino Package: $35 per month for 140 channels with a two year contract ($85 per month with internet service)


If you are senior who uses a smart phone regularly, then this company can be a good choice for you. Their Xfinity Stream app allows you to download and watch TV programs anywhere, using a smart device. So, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows in the waiting room of the doctor’s office or while on a trip. Xfinity also happens to be the largest cable company in the country.

Price Range:

– Basic Package: $40 per month for 10 channels with a one year contract ($55 per month with internet service)

– Ultimate Package: $117 per month for 185 channels with a one year contract ($127 per month with internet service)

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