Best 2023 SUVs For Seniors

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have been very popular for many years now. All sorts of people own and drive SUVs, including seniors. As with other types of cars and other consumer items, not all SUV models are appropriate or accommodating for seniors – while some are deemed senior friendly.

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SUVs have many advantages over regular cars. They usually offer greater safety, due to their greater size and weight. SUVs can also traverse bad weather conditions and bad roads easier and safer. Then there is versatility and utility. An SUV can provide a large amount of cargo space or comfortably hold six or more passengers. They can be appropriate for both a trip to the supermarket or an off-road camping trip.

However, there are some potential disadvantages as well, especially for senior drivers. An SUV that is too big or truck like can be hard for a senior to get into and out of. They also may be too difficult to safely navigate or park due to their size. Then there is the issue of comfort – seniors want or even need a vehicle that is comfortable to sit in and drive, not feel like a truck. Luckily, there are several SUV models that are senior friendly, as listed below.


Kia Sorrento

This SUV comes in a choice of a self-charging hybrid or plug-in hybrid model. The Sorrento provides a very comfortable ride, even when towing a trailer thanks to its self-leveling rear suspension system. Another nice comfort feature is the driver’s seat that comes with lumbar support. It is adjustable in four ways, making it supportive and comfortable for anyone to drive including seniors.

The Sorrento also comes with many safety features. There is a weighted steering wheel which provides a huge sense of control when driving the vehicle. The driver’s seat provides a great view out of the vehicle, making sure that you can see clearly and the windscreen pillars don’t get in your way too much. Plus, every Sorento also comes equipped with front and rear parking sensors to make parking much easier and means that you don’t need to turn your head too much to see out the rear window.

Honda CR-V

Honda has a long term and well deserved reputation for quality and safety, and their CR-V is no exception. While it offers a hybrid model, their standard gas engine model is still quite economical offering 34 mpg on the highway. Its standard CVT gearbox provides an automatic drive and is very responsive, providing a stress-free drive for a senior driver. It offers easy accessibility for seniors with its 198mm ground clearance. Plus, the CR-V is equipped with a very effective soft suspension system that allows for a comfortable journey, making bumps in the road feel like they don’t exist.

Of course Honda also provides many safety features in the CR-V, including cross-traffic alerts, anti-lock brakes, and brake assist. All considered, this is an excellent choice for a senior driver.

Subaru Forester

This SUV model has the distinction of being one of the most accessible and safe SUV models, making it a good choice for seniors. It is compact and definitely not truck-like, but with Subaru’s all-wheel drive system, it can safely handle bad weather conditions and rough roads. Also, its quiet engine provides a more comfortable journey without loud revving disturbing your drive. Tire noise is also kept to a minimum.

The Forester’s ground clearance of 220mm makes it accessible, but still high enough to drive safely over bad terrain. Very nice features for seniors include a spacious cargo compartment that opens with a simple press of a button and immensely comfortable seats, further making it a great choice for seniors.

Lexus RX Hybrid

Lexus offers this more luxurious type of SUV with its RX model. This SUV looks and even feels rather luxurious when sitting behind the wheel – which is something many seniors love about the vehicle. It also has a quieter engine and improved comfort. The ground clearance is around 195mm, making it perfectly accessible for senior drivers and passengers alike. The RX offers a super infotainment system, that uses a full touch-screen interface. Its rear seats can also be lowered in order to increase trunk and storage space for road trips.

Volvo XC-40

Volvo has long been known to make quality, safe and comfortable cars – and their XC-40 SUV models lives up to that reputation. The XC40 is also not only a lovely vehicle to drive but is also easy to drive. Volvo’s are known to be reliable, and they back this up with a great 3-year warranty. Its interior is also very stylish, making your drive luxurious and sleek. The regular, standard models of the XC40 are truly more comfortable than any of its competitors and offer a smooth ride, which is something many seniors value.

Along with its famous safety features of strength and design, every XC40 also comes with traffic sign recognition and blind spot monitoring, therefore increasing its safety and reliability. Overall, this SUV comes highly recommended for any senior driver based on its safety, reliability, and safety systems.

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