Best Cheap Pet Insurance For Cats

Having pets, such as dogs and cats, goes beyond loving them or using them to protect your home from intruders and trespassers by alerting you of their presence. Most of the purposes we consider before getting pets will not happen if you do not make a consideration about their health.

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You can not showcase the beauty of your cats or dogs if they are ill from bacteria or viral infections; neither will your guard dogs be fit to alert you should intruders and trespassers infiltrate your home if they are sick or sustain injuries from series of accidents they may be exposed to at home or out of the home.

The several types of diseases and injury causatives that may weaken your pets from performing the specific purpose or reason you bought them may only be forestalled by veterinary care. However, the cost of getting veterinary care may be astronomically high for an ad hoc out of pocket payments, especially if the illnesses or injuries of your pets are severe. However, you may not bother one bit about the cost irrespective of how expensive it is if you have pet insurance.

What Is Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage for the veterinary care your pets require to keep them healthy. The level of financial protection they provide the insured for their pets depends on the type of coverage they purchase.

Similarities and differences between pet insurance and health insurance


Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance primarily because they both provide health care services to living things, but asides from that, their insurance policy is similar in terms of payments. The policyholders of both pet and health insurance are required to pay a specific amount of money for deductible and premium before their pet insurance company starts coving their vet bills and to keep their insurance policy active, respectively.


Aside from the fact that pet insurance is directed towards animals like dogs and cats, while health insurance focuses on humans, they also differ in how their insurers pay for their insurance claims. Health insurance companies usually pay the insured medical or surgical bills directly to their health care providers. On the contrary, pet insurance companies typically reimburse the insured with the cost of their pet’s veterinary care after they have made the payments. Viz. If you visit a veterinarian due to the illness or injuries of your pet, you will be expected to pay for the cost of veterinary care you may incur out of your pocket before your insurance provider will reimburse the insured their coverage amount after subtracting their deductible.

Why do people purchase a pet insurance policy for their cat

People usually purchase pet insurance policies after factoring in several factors, in which financial situation is the most significant of the factors. A few individuals may refuse to purchase a pet insurance policy due to the high potential of never needing to file a claim.

However, before you decide not to purchase a pet insurance policy for your pet, especially a cat, you will need to consider most oversight factor, which is the illness and health issues your cat may be susceptible to, which will financially protect you should the health issue be a frequent kind.

Cats breeds and the health issues they are prone to have

Different breeds of cat and the health issues that are susceptible to include Persian, Himalayan, Ragdoll, Burmese, Bengal, Manx, Cornish and Devon Rex.

  • The Persian cat breed is prone to bladder stone and infections, digestive issues and heart diseases.
  • Himalayan is prone to respiratory and kidney diseases
  • Ragdoll cat breed is prone to bladder stone and several heart diseases
  • The Burmese cat breed is prone to kidney stone, urinary tract issues and hyperesthesia syndrome
  • Bengal cat breed is prone to degenerative eye diseases, dislocation of the kneecap, various heart diseases and dysplasia of the hip.
  • The Manx cat breed is prone to spinal issues
  • Cornish and Devon Rex cat breed are prone to myopathy, specifically in the head and neck, various heart diseases and dislocation of the kneecap.
  • Best cat insurance companies

    No cat insurance companies provide the insured with a one-size-fits-all type of insurance plan; instead, they offer several forms of coverage to fit the budget and requirements (especially your cat’s health issue and the illnesses it is susceptible to) are of the insured. There are several types of pet insurance companies that provide cat owners with an insurance policy to fit their requirements, and they include:

    – Spot pet insurance
    – Petplan pet insurance
    – Petfirst pet insurance
    – Embrace pet insurance

    Spot pet insurance

    Spot pet insurance is the number one pet insurance company according to studies and research due to the following advantages.

    – Their level of flexibility exceeds other pet insurance, and they offer the insured a chance to customize their coverage, which may be coupled with extra spot-on coverage

    – They offer the insured financial protection of about ninety percent reimbursement for their vet bills

    – The coverage they offer is not age-specific

    Petplan pet insurance

    Petplan pet insurance is prominent for the comprehensive coverage they offer at an affordable cost. The comprehensive coverage Petplan insurance provides will cover the expenses you may incur from the veterinary care of your cat illnesses and injuries, with a ninety percent reimbursement if your vet bill is eligible. Petplan pet insurance providers also provide several coverage options you can choose from to fit your requirements.

    Pet First pet insurance

    Just like humans, cats are also susceptible to several health issues when they become old. It is always challenging to purchase an old cat’s insurance policy due to their high demand for veterinary care. However, if you have an old cat and need to purchase a pet insurance policy, Pet First will be the best pet insurance provider for you because most pet insurance companies for cats are age-specific and will not sell you their insurance policy for a cat older than fourteen years.

    Embrace pet insurance

    Embrace pet insurance offers the insured the chance to adjust their premium to a reasonable cost by altering or adjusting their deductible, annual maximum and reimbursement percentage.

    These four pet insurance companies that provide coverage and services fit your requirements that vary from other people’s needs.

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