Best Customer Support Jobs For Seniors

As the cost of living continues to increase and with Social Security being inadequate income for many, more seniors are now looking for employment opportunities that can give them some additional income. Also, some seniors also want to stay productively busy by having a job. Luckily, there are indeed many appropriate job opportunities for them.

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Due to the explosion in online commerce and advanced internet and computer technology, the world of remote jobs (work from home) has become very large and common. This is also due to the COVID situation that forced companies to use remote workers. This has created a great opportunity for seniors looking to work. Remote jobs provide a safe and convenient way to earn income – right from your own home. Also, most employers in the remote job arena actively recruit and hire senior workers – as seniors have shown themselves to be very successful at these work from home jobs. Plus, many of these remote job employers are willing to train you – as long as you have any needed education or similar experience. In other words, if you have the talent and aptitude, they will train you in the necessary technical and computer knowledge.

One of the best and biggest type of remote jobs for seniors is in customer support / service. Legitimate types of these jobs are not sales positions, meaning you will usually not have to get the customer to make a purchase. However, these jobs still require you to be a very good communicator and a problem solver. Also, you may be dealing with people who aren’t even customers, but just users of a website or service. In any event, these jobs are challenging but also interesting and you won’t be bored. Listed below are the best types of customer support/service jobs for seniors.


Call Center Customer Service Rep

In addition to many companies having and operating their own internal call centers, there are also numerous independent call centers that service many different companies. Many of these work remotely, where the staff all work from their homes. One of the many jobs at these call centers is a customer service rep. They handle things like inquiries, complaints, tracking orders, etc. All you need are good communication skills, a modern computer and strong internet. These companies almost always will train you in their particular technical knowledge and skills. Plus, you will be hooked-up virtually with your other team members – so you will not really be “alone”.

Banking and Finance

Companies such as banks, credit card companies, finance companies and mortgage companies have in recent times started to hire and use remote workers to be customer service reps. These jobs usually require some business and math aptitude, in addition to good communication and computer skills. People with prior experience or education in finance or accounting are a very good match for these jobs.

Travel Related Companies

For many years, cruise ship and tour group companies have used at home customer service reps. More recently, airline and hotel companies have started to do so. While these jobs do entail typical customer service rep tasks such as handling inquiries and complaints, many times they also are expected to book reservations – so there could be a sales element to these roles as well. If you are an experienced traveler or have played “travel agent” for your friends and family, this kind of job can be a good match for you.

Insurance Companies

Not too long ago, almost all insurance business was done in person at an agent’s office. Nowadays, many insurance companies are conducting much of their work online and even using remote service reps. These jobs usually involve questions about policies and coverages, filing or following up on a claim, billing questions, etc. A background in insurance work and better yet having an insurance license are usually required for these positions.

Large Online Commerce Sites

You are probably very familiar with companies like Amazon and 1-800-Flowers, but did you know that they have many hundreds of remote workers doing customer service and support for them? Well, they and other companies like them do so and they are almost always hiring – especially around the holiday season. If you are an avid online shopper and have a particular interest in the type of merchandise on the site, this will make you a good match. In addition to normal customer service tasks, these positions sometimes also involve simple technical support- such as how to place and order on the company’s website.

Health Related Companies

Bigger pharmacy chains like Walgreen’s, plus medical insurance companies and other health and medical related companies use remote workers as service reps. Again, this is largely due to these companies’ major use of online sites to conduct business. Some of these jobs require a background in as at least a nursing assistant while others just need the normal good communication and computer skills. If you have an actual nursing background, many medical insurance companies have remote positions for helping with applications and claims.

Education Related Companies

With the great growth and use of distance (remote) education, there has come the creation of numerous remote service jobs for these distance education companies. Actual schools and colleges, test preparation centers, foreign language schools and college counseling centers are all examples of these. These jobs can entail interfacing with students, teachers and sometimes parents. Also, sometimes simple technical support tasks are required. Having some sort of teaching or education administration background will make you an excellent match.

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