Best Dog Insurance Plans For Seniors

In many ways, our pets are just like little kids with four legs and lots of hair/fur. They are also our best friends who love us unconditionally. Perhaps another beautiful and endearing thing about dogs specifically, is that they never stop being kids, no matter how old they get.

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And just like kids, dogs and puppies alike are prone to all kinds of illnesses and injuries. Some diseases are genetic, while others are either caused by old age or some kind of infection that was contracted from another dog, animal or parasite, such as worms, ticks or fleas. Injuries can also happen due to many factors- A dog or cat may attack and bite your dog outside during a walk, or your dog might get injured at home due to weak legs, blindness, swallowing a large or sharp object, etc. Life is unpredictable and uncertain, dogs can get mischievous, and you probably won’t be able to afford all the hefty health care costs. For all these reasons, your dog deserves and needs to get the very best pet insurance possible. If you’re a senior on a fixed budget or have certain special requirements, it can be extra difficult to find and choose a suitable pet insurance.

Well, no need to search any further. We’ve got you covered. Listed below are some of the best dog insurance plans for seniors.



As far as costs and coverage go, Embrace is one of the top picks of pet parents in the US. Dogs that are insured with Embrace are completely covered for every kind of unexpected accident and illness. In addition, Embrace also covers breed-specific, congenital, and chronic conditions, along with all their associated costs.

More Pros Of Embrace: Embrace covers exam & consultation fees, diagnostic tests, procedures & treatments, emergency & specialty care, surgery & hospitalization, behavioral therapy, follow-up care & rehabilitation, prosthetic limbs, devices, & mobility aids, dental illness up to $1,000/year and prescription medications.

The monthly fees are also very affordable, and covers puppies from 6 weeks old, adult dogs and senior dogs up to 14 years of age.
Better yet, they also offer an attractive option to create a fully customized plan based on your dog’s breed, your needs and your budget, so you can get the very best insurance plan for you and your dog.

The only things Embrace does not cover are pre-existing conditions that were there before you got the insurance, (Important note: pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet insurance), cosmetic procedures, DNA testing, breeding, and pregnancy.


Another top – rated pet insurance, Fetch will make sure that your dog is happy and well cared for, and protect your bank account from going bust.

The Pros of Fetch: Not only does Fetch cover everything that Embrace covers, but they also cover special and unusual treatments, such as holistic medicine and chiropractic care. This is a huge boon for pet parents who prefer natural or alternative forms of pet healthcare. As an added bonus, Fetch works with every licensed veterinarian in the US and Canada, and you can cancel the insurance plan at any time.

Fetch’s monthly insurance fee may not be as low as some other pet insurance plans out there, but with everything they offer, it’s hard to pass up. Besides, your beloved dog’s health and happiness are worth every single penny.

Pet’s Best

Dogs are notorious for finding trouble at any time of day or night, which can lead to unexpected veterinary visits for them and expensive vet bills for you. Having a dog health insurance plan from Pets Best can help provide peace of mind, knowing you can focus on your dog’s vet care and not the vet bill.
With Pets Best, dog parents don’t have to decide between providing their dogs with the best care possible and over-extending personal finances. It was founded in 2005 by veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens.

Pet’s Best dog insurance plans offer dog owners the most comprehensive coverage for:

● Accidents
● Illnesses
● Chronic Conditions
● Cancer
● Hereditary Conditions
● Congenital Conditions
● Emergency Care (Includes a very helpful and life saving 24/7 hotline.)

Pet’s Best also offers customizable annual limits, annual deductibles, and 70, 80, or 90% reimbursement. Also included is coverage for accident and illness exam fees that a veterinarian charges just for seeing your dog. They also provide fast and friendly service.


If you’re a parent of a senior aged dog, Spot is the perfect choice. Why? Well, aside from all they offer and cover in their insurance plans, such as illness, injury, vet and treatment bills, medication, etc, Spot also does not set any age limitations for senior dogs.

More Pros Of Spot:

Spot explicitly states that it will cover end-of-life care for pets and body disposition.
● The company also provides a 10% discount if you add additional pets to your insurance.
● The company also features 24/7 telehealth available via chat, phone, messenger, and video.
● There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
● Spot covers behavioral issues, as well as some prescription diets and dietary supplements.
● There are no “incident or lifetime caps on coverage.”
● Spot accepts claims via an online app, fax, and mail.

Final Thoughts

There are always some terms and conditions regarding every pet insurance. So be sure to do thorough research and consultation before choosing one. Your best friend will thank you immensely.

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