Best Free Online Exercise Classes For Seniors

Sufficient daily exercise and physical activity is important at any age, but in some ways, it’s absolutely crucial as we advance in years. Even if you’re generally healthy, our bodies undergo various natural changes as we age that make it harder to stay fit. Luckily, we’ve got online exercise classes.

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Nowadays, thanks to the incredible power and ability of the internet, there’s very little we can’t do with it. Not only are these exercise classes available online and geared towards seniors, but some of them are totally free as well. Plus, there are several additional perks and benefits when you use free online classes in particular : You can access the classes at your convenience and take it at your own pace either by yourself or with friends and family. You don’t have to drive anywhere, and you can do it in the familiar comforts of your home without any dangers or distractions.

Better yet, you don’t usually need big, heavy or expensive equipment either, so it’s truly a win – win deal. All you really need is a reliable internet connection, simple workout or household items, sport shoes, stretchy clothing, sufficient space to perform the low – impact workouts, and the determination to follow through to the end of the video classes.

One, two, three, go! These are the best and most highly rated free online YouYube exercises for seniors that will have you feeling stronger, sharper and healthier in no time.


More Life Health Seniors

In this free online exercise series, you’ll be instructed by Mike, a seniors’ specialist physiotherapist and exercise scientist who will help you lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Mike’s YouTube channel, “More Life Health Senior”, provides a generous and invaluable number of exercise videos that you can easily follow. Feel free to grab your dumbbells or water bottles if you’re in the mood for some strengthening exercises, or take a comfortable chair and do some simple seated exercises.

Additionally, Mike also has a well crafted website called More Life Health, which is packed with interesting and helpful content. You can buy a resistance band to add to your daily routine, as well as browse through his informative blogs that cover various topics, such as preventing falls, how to squat correctly, heart rate stabilization and weight loss tips for seniors.

Improved Health

Improved Health with Jules is another fantastic free channel dedicated to low impact, manageable and safe exercises for seniors.
Jules has been a professional recreational therapist for over 25 years and has a background in personal training, so you’re in good trustworthy hands. She’s dedicated to helping seniors stay active by delivering enjoyable and low-impact exercise videos. This series is perfect for those who are interested in a wide variety of exercise options, such as beginner-friendly seated workouts or something slightly more challenging like cardio kickboxing.

SeniorShape Fitness

As a seasoned senior, daily physical activity can help you live a longer, healthier and more balanced life. SeniorShape with Lauren supports this fact by offering a decent selection of exciting workouts. No matter your current fitness level, the SeniorShape channel makes it a breeze, with different workout videos all in one place. You’ll be free to take your pick between easy 10 minute classes, no-equipment exercises, Pilates, or HIIT for a quick workout session.

If you’re looking for something less stressful on your body, slow down the pace with a light 15-minute chair yoga workout or some stretching exercises before bedtime. There are also a few stretching exercises you can check out if you’re suffering from chronic knee pain, sore back, or tension.

Bob & Brad

Physical therapists, Bob and Brad, have an incredibly popular channel with an extensive variety of helpful videos. With over 60 years of combined experience, these two guys are super reliable resources to help you get fit and healthy one step at a time. Bob and Brad provide online workout classes that benefit just about anyone, such as back strengthening exercises and advanced knee stretches.

Plus, if you’re feeling fired up and extra energetic, they also offer access to an easy-to-follow series called Workout with Jordan, where you can take part in fast, fat-burning, indoor walks or quick beginner workout routines after you’re done with Bob and Brad. You can find several exercise videos that target older adults who suffer from disorders and diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and iliotibial band syndrome.


GoldeyFit is not as well known as some other online exercise series, yet it still made it to the list due to its unique approach to senior fitness. Goldey’s technique and mission is to help motivate seniors to get up and move their entire bodies by using the art of dance as an alternative way to work out.
Founded by Setu Shah, who has over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry, Goldey punches virtual dance classes up to the next level with fun music and simple-to-follow moves.

The GoldeyFit YouTube channel features numerous live stream dance classes, ranging from around 10 minutes to 40 minutes. Additionally, Setu also provides other dance workouts where you can groove along to golden oldies like ABBA and Michael Jackson.

Final Thoughts

While all these exercise videos are generally considered safe and suitable for seniors to follow along with, they’re not suitable for every individual, especially if they’re physically challenged or suffer from various health conditions. Therefore, you should first check with your healthcare provider before you take any of them into daily practice to be on the safe side.

Also, it’s important to be careful and take short breaks when you feel you need it, as overworking your body can cause injury to your muscles or joints.

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