Best Hair Extensions For Seniors To Buy Online

Hair loss, both minor and significant, can occur at any age due to a number of factors and conditions. But no matter how thick and healthy it was in former years, thinning hair inevitably happens to everyone to a certain extent as they become seasoned and enter senior-hood.

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Thankfully, in today’s modern and progressive world, seniors don’t have to accept or live with this anymore. There are now a variety of hair extension options that seniors can choose from to hide and cover up those thinning areas. Plus, they blend in seamlessly with your natural hair type and color. With these add-ons, you can now enjoy thicker, fuller and truly beautiful hair that will boost your confidence, invigorate your self – esteem and make you look and feel many years younger. The amount of money you’ll need to invest on your hair extensions all boils down to overall quality and the type of hair you wish to obtain – real human hair or synthetic look-alikes.

If you need any guidance with applying the hair extensions you chose, no worries. Most online sites have a step by step “how to apply” section. If need be, YouTube also has lots of videos that can help you get untangled in no time.

Listed below are some of the best kinds of hair extensions for seniors that you can buy online.


Hidden Wire Extensions

Hidden wire hair extensions are one of the best and easiest options for seniors for many reasons. It’s made of real human hair, offers coverage, extra length and thickness for the entire head, does not damage hair follicles, isn’t easily visible and is hassle free. If you put it on correctly, you’ll be ready to go within 5 minutes or less.

Sold under a variety of names, such as Halo, Solo, Hidden Crown, and Secret Extensions, this incredible hair piece is built quite ingeniously. It’s a circular fishing wire or nylon thread with a good amount of luxurious hair attached to one side of it. You simply put your hair back, place it over your head like a tiara, then pull your own strands out and over the sides of the band, which further obscures the all but invisible wire. With proper care, this kind of extension can last for years.

Bestseller from 20″ Dark Brown Balayage Halo Hair Extension

Price: $305.00

Clip-In / Weft Extensions

Just like the incredible Halo, these fast and easy to use pieces are also made of human hair, and allow you to bump up the volume and length of your hair whenever you desire a fuller and mightier mane. All you need to do is snap the pieces open, carefully and gently clip them onto those hidden layers near your scalp, snap them shut, adjust the hair to cover it, and voila, you’ll be ready to rock the city.

You can easily find them via online retailers, and they come in a wide variety of pretty and vibrant lengths, widths, styles and colors.

Bestseller From Bellami Silk Seam 16″ Chocolate Brown Hair Extension

Price: $180.00

Tape-In Extensions

Tape – ins are another safe, affordable, seamless and effective real human hair extension option for seniors. They are especially good for thin/fine hair, as they usually don’t damage hair follicles. You simply sandwich one-inch sections of your own hair between two sections of extensions, and seal them together with nearly invisible, medical-grade tape. These sections lie flat and are beautifully inconspicuous underneath layers of your natural hair.

It’s important to note that these extensions require removal and reapplication every eight weeks or so, and each piece can be used approximately four – six times before you have to invest in a new pack. Also, it’s highly recommended to bring your tape ins to a hair salon so that a professional hairstylist can properly apply and remove them.

Bestseller From Amazon: Lacer Hair Seamless Remy Tape in Human Hair Extension 100% Human Hair – Natural Black Double Side 16 inch

Price: $46.90

Clip-On Ponytail Extensions

The clip on ponytail may not give direct volume to your scalp, but if you have short, thinning hair, love long ponytails and don’t feel like putting any extensions into your sensitive and fine hair, then this would make the perfect solution. This option gives the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair and takes attention away from any thinning areas.

Jane Fonda got a lot of mean comments back in 2017 when she wore a ponytail extension, just because she’s in her 80’s. Many senior women vehemently disagreed with the negative remarks and thought she looked incredibly confident and fabulous. So they went ahead and got a clip – on ponytail or two for themselves. There’s absolutely no law that says women in their 80’s can’t have a beautiful ponytail.

Bestseller From InsertNameHere (INH): LIANE High Quality Synthetic Hair – 18″ Mid-Length With Soft Curled Ends

Price: $45.00

Clip On Short Hair Updo

One of the easiest ways to create the perfectly dazzling updo for a prestigious or formal occasion is with a clip-on hairpiece. All eyes will be on you when you wear this piece, be it a wedding, a fancy event or a dinner date. This hair piece is also a great choice if ponytails aren’t really your style. There’s no fussing or stress. Just clip it into your hair wherever you wish, and you’ll be ready for the glamorous evening.

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