Best High Quality Wigs For Seniors

Wigs, especially high quality wigs, can be a lot of fun to wear at any age. Seniors benefit the most because they hide balding spots, boost your confidence and make you look years younger. You can find an extensive variety of colors, styles and lengths online and in physical stores.

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However, no matter what your age, it’s vital to choose a wig that’s comfortable, well fitting, easy to put on and take off, and easy to maintain. You’ll also want to choose a color that best suits your individual skin tone, facial features, and overall persona and style. And because high quality wigs can be pricey, especially those made from real human hair, you will also want one that is designed to last and stay beautiful for years with proper handling.

But before we layout our top picks, there are some important wig care and maintenance tips that you need to follow in order to keep your wig in the best possible condition.


Important Tips Regarding Wig Care

Even the prettiest, most expensive and highest quality wigs need some regular attention and upkeep. To start off, gently and carefully comb/brush the hair from the tips first, then slowly work your way up to the top. It’s highly recommended to brush it once a day if you can – too many knots and tangles are a pain to brush out.

Secondly, high quality, heat friendly synthetic and human hair needs to be handled carefully, as too much heat can destroy the hair beyond repair. The recommended temperature for styling is between 275° -300°F. Also, when you wish to shampoo your wig, only use products specifically made for wigs.

Lastly, always hang up your wig on a fake head after you take it off to protect it and let it dry properly.

Raquel Welch - Wavy Lace Front Wig (Mono Top)

Raquel Welch’s wigs will make you look and feel like you’re 30 again.

This well layered bob wig is styled with loose, luxurious and bouncy waves and sits just above the shoulder. The softly waved top and bangs mix perfectly into entire layers, resulting in a fashionable, fun and tousled look that can be finger-styled or brushed into a more voluminous soft wave shape.

The temple-to-temple lace front and monofilament top provide off-the-face styling and creates the look of natural hair growth. It blends in well with all hair and skin tones. Also features Velvet Ear Tabs and Nape Memory Cap II® Base – A thinner material which creates a light, comfortable, cool, and custom fit. Conforms to your head shape after one hour.

The Tru2Life® synthetic fiber comes in many shades, looks and feels like human hair, and can be heat styled using thermal styling tools. Discount Price: $391.00

Toni Brattin - Blonde Trendsetter Wig

If you’re into super short blonde hair, then this wig from Toni Brattin may be just the right fit for you. It’s time to bring out your inner fashionista! The look is classy and edgy, with beautiful longer side-swept bangs, and straight razor-cut chunky layers for extra flare. This wig is made of heat-friendly synthetic fibers, plus you can personalize it and create different styles by curling, ironing or blow-drying it.

This wig comes with a cap that fits an average-sized head, a nylon net wig, and a storage box. You will rock this wig at any age. More Pros : It’s available in 10 colors, and is easy to wash and maintain.

Amazon’s Price: $127.00

TressAllure- Sleek & Straight

Are you interested in a longer, straight wig with bangs? Then you should definitely consider this wig from the “Look Fabulous” collection, created by the celebrity stylist Clyde Haygood. The Sleek & Straight is a long wig with sleek precision-cut layers that fall below the shoulders and features feathery blunt-cut bangs just above the eyes. You can get this wig in shades of black, brown, blonde and red.

Circular knitting, a monofilament mesh crown and a Cool Comfort Stretch back top off this extraordinarily light, natural-looking and stunning wig. It’s made from TressAllure’s own synthetic style-able and effortless fiber, developed to match the same thickness and weight as fine human hair.

Wilshire Wigs Price: $212.00

Jon Renau - Carrie

The “Carrie” from Jon Renau is a best-selling human hair wig that is perfect if you want shoulder-length hair. The wig arrives straight and can be styled any way you want it. No matter what, the Carrie wig will turn heads as you pass by, making sure that you’re always in the spotlight.

This is all thanks to the Smart Lace technology and monofilament top, which provides superior comfort and adjustable bands, enhances your look, prevents your scalp from overheating and makes it believable from any direction.

This wig also comes in a variety of colors, and compared to other real human hair wigs, the price is a bargain.

Wig Outlet’s Price: $777.00

Inner Bellezza - Wavy 100% Human Hair Lace front Wig

Do you dream of having a hairstyle similar to your daughter or granddaughter? Do you crave for real human hair that will have men rolling out a red carpet for you as you walk down the street? Well, if you’re willing to invest, this wig will do wonders.

It’s light brown colored with blonde highlights, with beautiful waves and light curls. The hair isn’t too thick, so it’s more natural looking. The cap is made from stretchy and breathable material, and it’s also easily adjustable. And because it’s 100% human hair, you or your best friends can easily style it with hair, comb, hands or heat however you desire.

Inner Belleza’s Price: $1,023.00

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