Best Lingerie Online Stores For Seniors

When people hear the word lingerie, they most often think of delicate undergarments that women in their 20’s and 30’s would wear. Why? Well, up until recent years, senior women generally gave up trying to compete with the younger ladies. Today, however, that negative mentality has largely changed.

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Contrary to the common assumption and societal belief, women who reach their senior years really do desire sexual intimacy. The only difference between younger adults and seniors in this area? When they start flirting with someone and show desire, they’re usually classier about it. Senior women are well seasoned and very experienced in the art of love and seduction, so the idea that sexy lingerie cannot or should not be worn by seniors is not true. In other words, it’s utter nonsense. With that being said, however, our bodies change as we get older, and a lot of lingerie stores simply do not cater to those changes. Some stores have what seniors crave, yet often charge an arm and a leg. But not to worry, that’s where online stores come into play.

Listed below are some of the best online lingerie stores for senior women that you’re sure to love.


ZeroBound Sport

If you tend to be very active and athletic, the bras from ZeroBound Sport are a must have in any woman’s lingerie collection. ZeroBound’s online store offers comfortable and high quality sports bras that provide total support and coverage, so you don’t experience any discomfort nor stress about anything while you’re smashing that punching bag, lifting weights or running the treadmill.

One of ZeroBound’s best sellers, called the “Minimiser” bra, is a perfect choice for large-busted women. It’s wire- free and made of a skin friendly, light and breathable material. It comes in a variety of different colors, such as purple, black and wine red, and sizes range from 36B all the way up to 48G. As far as comfort goes, this one gets Grade A level. It features fully adjustable straps, a U shaped back, does not dig into your skin, reduces back and shoulder strain, and has you feeling fabulous all day long.

ZeroBound’s Price: $28.00

Calvin Klein

All women can testify how difficult and frustrating it can be to get certain bras on and get them to fit properly and comfortably, especially seniors. Having to fiddle around with the clasps, straps and cups on typical bras can be such a pain.

But those days of frustrating, seemingly endless bra troubles are finally over, thanks to Calvin Klein’s magical, supportive and super comfortable “slip-on” bralette. The lining material is made of about 77% nylon and 23% elastane, with the company logo on the front. It features a V-neck and easily removable cup pads whenever you want to remove them. Better yet, it’s also practically invisible underneath your shirt, so you can wear it at any time of day and on any occasion. This bra makes everything so much easier.

Calvin Klein’s Price: $32.00

Vanity Fair

Did someone recently ignite your flames of passion? Or perhaps you just want something to admire on your body daily. Whichever the case, you don’t want to be without a pretty pair of lace panties. Vanity Fair has got you covered with their high cut lace panties that give a flattering boost to your legs, and don’t leave any annoying lines or marks on your skin. It comes in black and several other colors.

As an added bonus, the material is made of 89% nylon and 11% spandex, which gives it that slight and oh so important stretch. Thus it fits and sits well on just about any body shape, especially curvy women. You’ll enjoy the smooth silky feeling so much that you may wind up buying 7 pairs, so you can wear one each day of the week. Luckily, it’s very affordable.

Vanity Fair’s Price: $8.70


Do you feel like many panties end up feeling too heavy on you or non breathable? Do you have sensitivities to certain colored fabrics that cause irritating and itchy skin breakouts?

Well search no further than Nudicate. Their high quality “Cotton High Waist” is made of 100% certified organic and colorless cotton, so you’ll just barely feel them while also being kind to your skin. Plus, the waistband is super stretchy, does not squeeze much and doesn’t roll up on the belly area. With such softness, comfort and beauty, you probably won’t be able to resist it.

Nudicate’s Price: $24.00


So your significant other just gave you a call and wants to treat you to a delicious dinner at home or at a fancy restaurant, and you just happen to be in a playful mood. What could be better than a glamorous vintage girdle to set that mood right?

Rago has exactly what you’re looking for. Their “Style 1359” girdle comes in black and a variety of other beautiful colors. The Lacette jacquard knit fabric consists of 70% nylon and 30% Lycra for a two way stretch. Panels compliment the shape of the tummy, waist, hips, and bottom. The Rago girdle is super attractive, offers full figure support, and touts a feminine lace – floral motif. The height and crotch opening are adjustable for the best possible fit. It’s beauty, grace and comfort all wrapped into one.

Rago’s Price: $49.00

Final Thoughts

As a senior, when you’re buying lingerie, it’s very important to keep in mind that you likely won’t be the same size as you used to be in your former years. So if your regular size no longer fits on you, don’t let it discourage you from such a simple pleasure. It’s completely natural and normal.

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