Best Lipstick Colors For Senior Women

Women of all ages, seniors included, look stunning in lipstick. Whatever the day or occasion, it enhances the beauty of their lips, speaks volumes and gives them a boost of radiance with any outfit. But when it comes to the specific color or shade, there are certain guidelines to consider.

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Firstly, as we advance in years, our skin gradually starts to lose its natural firmness, moisture and elasticity. And as far as our facial features are concerned, especially mature faces, our lips are our greatest asset. Therefore, it only makes sense to accentuate them as much as possible, without overdoing it, to take attention away from fine lines and wrinkles.

Plus, depending on which lipstick color you choose and your overall facial features, they can make you look younger, older, bright or dull, wild or subtle, natural or edgy. So you’ll need to choose the right shades that give the impression of yourself that you desire, but also go well with your skin tone, eye color and face shape. If applied correctly, lipstick can complete your look and give you that true boost of confidence that you crave.

It’s time to go on a color safari. Keep reading to get some lipstick color ideas and inspiration for your next makeup session.


Fuchsia Pink And Pink-Based Nude

Fuschia is a fabulous shade of pink that will give your lips a complimentary yet flattering appeal. It is one of those colors that can spice up even a “plain jane” look or a casual outfit. It is definitely a vibrant color that can effortlessly lift up the lips with its intensity, giving you a more youthful look. If you’re in a bold and playful mood, you’ll easily be able to show off this beautiful color in its true essence.

Or, if you prefer something less loud but equally as pretty, you can go for the more subtle and natural look with the pink-based nude lip color. This shade will easily blend in with the rest of your makeup. Plus, nude colors are universally flattering on mature lips, so they look amazing on any skin tone.

Coral Red And Brick Red

A combination of pink and orange, Coral Red is yet another shade that you can always count on. A flattering color for the warm spring and hot summer days, it looks superb on almost all skin tones. The best part of the color is that it imparts a fresh look that helps give more life to mature faces. This reddish-orange-colored lipstick looks particularly stunning with white and warm colors such as yellow, navy blue, tiffany blue and grays.

A darker version of the orangey-coral, Brick Red is a fruity color that is bright, yet has a darker look to it. This shade is a great choice for cool wintery days when you would like to go a bit loud with makeup colors, but don’t want to exaggerate. It’s a warm shade that looks great on yellow and golden skin tones, making it one of the best lipstick colors for mature women, particularly those who possess light-colored skin and blonde hair.

All in all, this shade of red is a very good choice when you’re in the mood to make a wise yet fun and exuberant statement. Brick Red is best balanced out with cool gray, sage green, mint, or turquoise outfits. Just let the gawking of people passing by speak for themselves.

Classic Red And Wine Red

How can we not talk about the classic red when it comes to lipstick shades?Classic Red is an iconic signature shade that has truly stood the test of time.
It’s been a favorite of women of all ages and skin tones for decades, and it’s easy to see why. This magical color has an amazing appeal to it and gives the face a touch of luminosity that goes incredibly well with almost any outfit.

When you’re in the mood to have fun with colors, pick a classic red lipstick and give your mature lips the most flattering look! You’ll be the center of attention and have men turning their heads, as classic red is by far the most attractive color of them all.

Wine Red, a bold red color that also looks gorgeous on mature skin, is deeply pigmented and can add depth and warmth to your looks. Wine red also has many sub shades, such as burgundy. Show off your inner strength, wisdom and depth of character with the sheer intensity of the color. Wine Red will surely have you feeling like a queen, walking with grace.

Berry- (Purple/Plum)

If you’ve seen shades of purple on your daughter or granddaughter’s lips lately and feel the desire to try it as well, go right ahead. It’s very flattering for senior women too. Whether you decide to go for a berry-berry shade or a pinkish berry tint, there are several color options in the purple lipstick shade category.

If you have warm-toned mature skin, having berry-colored lipstick in your makeup arsenal is a must. And the great news is, plum and berry colors look good on all skin tones. For your mature lips, you may want to pick a calmer shade of purple that complements your status and personality.


Having mature skin and lips does not mean you have to be boring or dull. Quite the contrary. If you desire a color that’s subtle, alluring, and won’t limit your clothing choices, Brown is just the color for you. This shade lets you have the supermodel vibes any time of day or night and is perfect for all skin tones.

Plus, it is more wearable than any other color and will go with all the clothing in your wardrobe, thanks to its earthy tone. It beautifies and warms up the complexion instantly, magically providing you with a distinct, irresistible aura.

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