Best Murphy Beds For Seniors

Also known as fold down/pull out/wall beds, Murphy’s can be a fantastic solution for those who live in small homes/apartments and lack sufficient space for a typical bed. It’s also very handy when family or other guests arrive for dinner and need to stay the night.

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But if you’re a senior or are physically challenged, you need to be careful about which Murphy bed you choose and where you want it to be installed in your home. This is because not all Murphy beds are comfortable or easy to use, or they don’t have reliable safety features and mechanisms. Others are too heavy to be suitable for you to handle on a regular basis, or the pull out/pull down dimensions are not compatible with the specific area and space you want it to be in. For all these reasons and more, it’s very important to thoroughly check the model first. With due diligence and proper guidance, you will find the perfect Murphy bed that suits your needs and preferences.

It’s time to dive right in. Listed below are some of the very best Murphy beds that any senior can safely use and enjoy with ease.


Electronic Murphy Zoom - Bed

This fully electronic and super convenient Murphy beds from ZoomRoom is a fantastic choice, especially for seniors. ZoomRoom has over 50 locations across the US. Originally designed and manufactured in Germany, this retracting bed is superior in so many ways. With just a touch of a button on your remote control, the bed seamlessly zooms in and out of a center-piece cabinet, which means the only physical setup you’ll have to do is occasionally replace the remote batteries, change the sheets and fluff out your pillows when desired.

Better yet, thanks to its intricate and brilliant innovative design, you can have a T.V or anything you wish on it without having to worry about moving or protecting them. Its premium high density foam mattress, now also available with an integrated memory foam topper, is manufactured under the strictest level of quality control. Usually maintaining their elasticity for decades, you’ll never experience annoying lumps or sagging.

Zoom-Room bed frames are constructed from premium bowed Beechwood slats. Slatted bed frames are the standard in Europe, and are designed to last a lifetime if used properly. Zoom-bed includes a superb 5-year warranty that covers any possible malfunctions or issues with the remote or internal motor, and comes in a selection of different sizes- from single to queen.

Pricing for the zoom bed and delivery charges vary, depending on where you live and which size you want.

Audet Solid Wood Storage Murphy Bed

Crafted from solid rubberwood, this slide-out cabinet Murphy bed from Canora Gray is another great choice. Since it’s a freestanding cabinet, there’s no need for drilling or mounting to a wall. To convert to bed mode, this queen bed has an easy-to-use slide-out mechanism—no heavy lifting or pulling down involved.

In storage mode, this compact cabinet measures 24.8 by 63.5 by 40.8 inches. The sturdy solid wood chest has a simple white finish and plain handles to fit into any room. Included with the bed is a queen size, folding memory foam mattress that fits inside the cabinet for easy storage. It only weighs about 361 pounds, saves a lot of space, is easy to install and operates on a smooth rolling mechanism.

Wayfair’s Price: $2,043.30

Pyper- Bristol Queen Low Profile

If you are looking for a stylish addition to a guest room or office, the Bristol Queen Low Profile Storage Murphy Bed could be just the ticket. This versatile, horizontal bed comes with a built-in cabinet, a headboard, and a queen-size memory foam mattress. Plus, you can choose 3 color options- ash, charcoal, and white. Additionally, there is no box spring required but still provides ample comfort for guests.

To use, simply employ the fold-out legs and felt-covered runners to support the fold-down frontal panel. This bed is capable of holding up to 500 pounds. Although this solid and manufactured wood option does require some assembly, it does come with all the necessary and durable hardware.

Wayfair’s Price: $2,340.00

Cherry Barham Bed

The Cherry Barham Bed is a classy Murphy bed setup designed to give a great sleeping experience, while adding style to the room’s interior design.
This pull-down bed comes with a fully furnished headboard, foldable bed frame, and a high-quality three-fold mattress. Most impressively, the bed packs into a compact 26.4″ cabinet.<p. If you're a naturalist who values having quality furniture in your home, then this bed will compliment that taste very well. The bed is made from natural rubberwood, with a shiny finish and very high durability. This bed easily matches any interior home decor. And more interestingly, the rubberwood finishing often has mild variations in color deepness, which makes this product even more appealing to many customers.

The Cherry Barham Bed comes with a 6″ gel-infused memory foam to go with the solid bed frame design, which allows for maximum breathability. In addition, it’s medium-firm and comes in queen size, making it suitable for most sleepers.

Wayfair’s Price: $2,900.00

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