Best Online Art Classes For Adults

Throughout the centuries, humanity has developed a wide array of art forms to express emotions and ideas, such as drawing, CGI, design and more. These art forms continue to evolve in variety and complexity, and thanks to the internet, there’s never been a better time to improve your art skills.

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Apart from the enjoyable and therapeutic benefit you can get from practicing and studying a particular type of art, learning and boosting your artistic skills can open many job opportunities and career paths that require a high level of artistic talent. For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the film, design or fashion industry, you need to have very strong drawing skills with a keen eye for colors, angles, poses and gestures, light and darkness, spatial dimensions, style and detail to create ideas for characters, scenes and concepts. Nowadays, there are plenty of art classes available online suitable for adults that offer you the ability to study these arts and many others, taught by top experts in their field. Some art classes operate on a set schedule, some are totally pre-recorded so you can access them whenever it’s most convenient for you, while others offer both.

Listed below are some of the top rated online art classes geared towards adults.


New Masters Academy

If you’ve been dreaming about having what it takes to potentially land a successful and highly paid job as a film artist, New Master’s Academy can increase your chances of making that dream a reality. At NMA, you’ll get a prestigious art education online, sharpening your skills with instructors who have worked for the big boys on the block, such as Disney, Sony, and Marvel. You’ll also receive valuable one-on-one coaching critiques, portfolio reviews and make connections with other students via their social media groups, which can give you further insights on your current work and on future projects.

Your membership tier (Standard or Premium) will dictate which materials you have access to. The Standard membership costs $39 per month and allows you to choose from courses in drawing, sculpting, oil painting, watercolor, Adobe programs, movie poster design and many more. With the Premium membership at $49, you’ll get access to everything in the Standard one, plus you can view thousands of images of 3D models so you can use them to draw or sculpt from. Better yet, if you don’t want to commit right away, their site offers a free trial period as well.

Love Life Drawing

If you’re passionate about the human body and want to learn how to get it on canvas, but can’t get to a physical “real life” art studio, Love Life Drawing is the next best thing. At LLD, you’ll get a crash course in perfectly capturing the beautiful human form, created and presented by a mother and son duo, named Kenzo and Mayko respectively. The pair has a fun, accessible, and expressive approach when it comes to figure drawing. Plus, the site features simple and concise tutorials, categorized into easy-to-navigate topics.

But wait, that’s not all. The lessons are also free, including a Beginner course consisting of 10 lessons, hand and body gestures, and in-depth videos on the complex anatomy of the human figure (including faces, arms, backs, and midsections). These lessons also include difficult techniques like foreshortening, rendering shadows and applying highlights. Additionally, you’ll also explore the artistic eye and mindset. They offer a series specially dedicated to strategy and thought processes, drawing habits, and eliminating self-doubt while you level up your individual art skills.

The Ceramic School

Do you feel like taking a crack at the pottery wheel or molding your own unique vessels of clay? Then look no further than The Ceramic School. TCS is a leading online art class regarding all things pottery related. Their goal is to bring ceramic artists from around the world, both novice and experienced, into one centralized online forum to further their ceramics education.

Getting started is super simple – Before signing up and purchasing a course, you can choose from an extensive archive of workshops that explore throwing, decorating, hand building, glazing, and firing ceramics. They even offer a special workshop for the truly ambitious that can guide you into developing your very own pottery business. Their expert pottery artists will lead you through each workshop step-by-step, from how to throw a donut vase on a pottery wheel to how to make stylish handles for your vessels.

Along with its online workshops, Ceramic School also has its own online one stop shop with a vast variety of pottery tools and stencils – everything you could possibly need for your at-home practice. The price range varies, depending on which type of class you choose. The Non – business courses only cost around $39.


If you want as many online art class options as possible, Coursera would make a great choice. Whether you’re a newbie to graphic design or wish to improve your skills in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to advance your career, Coursera has got you covered. With thousands of courses taught by real professors, this major platform enables people worldwide with differing levels of experience to take college-level classes in just about any area you can t hink of, the arts included. The classes themselves vary quite a bit. Starting at just $48 per month, this major course platform packs essential beginner courses that can be taken at your own pace, plus special courses that award a professional and fully accredited certification upon completion.

Plus, you’ll be provided with detailed descriptions that include notes on a course’s difficulty level, a list of the skills you’ll learn, reviews, and the percentage of previous students who successfully switched careers after taking the course.

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