Best Online Cooking Classes For Adults

Do you consider yourself a foodie and dream of becoming a bonafide chef, yet struggle to get the dishes just right? Are you trying to improve your cooking skills to surprise and impress your loved ones with a delicious and aesthetically pleasing dinner? Then you’ll need an online cooking class.

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Yes sure, you could sign up for an in – person cooking class, but there are quite a few reasons why you should consider the online route instead. To begin with, if you don’t have a car or other personal vehicle, getting to these classes 2 – 3 times per week can easily turn into a regular and pricey transportation hassle. Secondly, there will be days when you can’t leave the house due to illness or injury, and your work or family obligations will inevitably get in the way as well. Furthermore, online cooking classes are usually more affordable and can be accessed on any computer or smart device, provided that you have a solid internet connection. Lastly, there are classes geared towards various levels of ninja kitchen experience and skill available, so nobody is excluded.

So what are you waiting for? Chop chop! It’s time to put on your chef hat. The following online cooking classes have been rated as the best for adults who love food and culinary arts.


America’s Test Kitchen - Online Cooking School

Known for their reliable and foolproof recipes, America’s Test Kitchen delivers expert cooking skills straight to your fingertips. You’ll get immensely helpful step-by-step instructional videos, ranging from the essential and basic cooking skills to more advanced lessons for those who wish to take their cooking to the next level. What makes their instruction superior to other online classes is that they don’t just teach you how to cook well, but they also explain why recipes work and what not to do, so you can avoid common mistakes in the kitchen.

After you sign up for the membership, you can take as many courses as you desire at your own pace, along with the option to work with a test cook instructor for a truly personal and customized learning experience. Courses include titles such as Weeknight Meals, Essential Eggs, Weeknight Roast Chicken, or Thai Takeout Dinners. ATK offers over 320 classes that are categorized by level of difficulty, recipe type, main ingredients, and more. Plus, if you are in the market for some new kitchenware, valuable guidance is available with top-rated tool reviews.

America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School offers a free 14-day trial, after which monthly memberships cost just $20 per month, or $180 for a full year.


Rouxbe has received high acclaim as the leading online culinary school among many industry professionals, and validated by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation. This online culinary school offers a generous selection of individual lessons, along with their fully accredited certificate programs. After signing up for the Rouxbe Membership, you’ll gain access to 75 video lessons that include hundreds of recipes with personalized instructor support. Better yet, you can complete these lessons at your own pace, so there’s no unnecessary stress or pressure that can often lead to accidents and unsatisfactory results.

These lessons consist of 13 introductory courses, such as Knives, Knife Cuts & Knife Sharpening, How to Make Stock, Eggs, Dry-Heat Cooking Methods, Moist-Heat Cooking Methods, How to Make Soup, How to Make Salad & Salad Dressing and many more.

Membership only costs around $10 per month or $99 per year, but Rouxbe offers periodic discounts on their annual membership, as well as an attractive 30-day free trial. Who could say no to that?


MasterClass is another supreme online platform that provides lessons personally given by celebrity chefs and mixologists. Not only do they offer a wealth of professional knowledge, but they also give you all the skills you need to transform your home cooking into a restaurant-quality experience. You’ll get luxury quality lessons from world famous chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, and Massimo Bottura, featured in fantastic instructional videos that include Knife Skills, Basic Cooking Techniques, Restaurant Recipes at Home, and Global Cuisine.

The Chefs share invaluable tips and techniques that they use when sourcing ingredients, prepping, and cooking in their own restaurants, so that you can apply these same principles in your own home kitchen. Plus, each MasterClass includes a series of mini courses and a workbook.

The MasterClass’ all-access annual membership costs $180 per year, which is a superb deal for everything you get.

Top Chef University

If you’re a fan of the hit culinary series “Top Chef”, this app may be just the right topping for you. It was created by Bravo and is an interactive course taught by 11 former Top Chef Contestants. It’s available for both iPad and Android devices. Once you sign up, you will get access to more than 200 free video lessons and recipes organized into an extensive range of courses, consisting of over 60 hours of video. Courses include basics such as Stocks and Soups, All About Vegetables, Eggs and Dairy, Bread and Grains, as well as courses on Global Cuisine, Entertainment, and even Molecular Gastronomy.

Each course contains up to 20 separate lessons you can select from and watch at your convenience. Individual videos are typically only 10 to 20 minutes long, so it won’t be too difficult to fit them into your daily schedule. Eggplant parmesan anyone? In less than 10 minutes, Top Chef can teach you how to prepare this dish from start to finish, with a full ingredient list. You’ll have dinner served and ready in no time. Bon appetit.

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