Best Online French Classes For Adults

Learning French or any other new language can be a lot of fun. Many people choose to practice foreign languages for several reasons. Some simply enjoy doing it, others want to be able to communicate better with friends, family or coworkers. However, learning a new language can seem rather daunting.

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This is where online classes for adults can really make all the difference in your language pursuits, especially if you’re an adult. This is because, once we reach adulthood, our brain’s ability to learn and retain a new language becomes much harder. While having a teacher and studying in person may seem like an effective option at first glance, there are several reasons why online language classes / apps may be more beneficial for you. Firstly, you can access the class anywhere, provided that you have a laptop / smart device and a strong, reliable internet connection. Secondly, online classes typically cost less than what an in – person group or private tutor would charge. Thirdly, these classes are specially designed to cater to various learning strengths / types to maximize your success – auditory, visual, aural and combination learners.

Lastly, these classes sometimes offer diplomas, often offer the ability to schedule a lesson that’s most convenient for you, have endless patience with lessons and more. With an online French class, you’ll be speaking French faster than a boulanger (baker) can make a croissant. Listed below are some of the best and highest rated online French classes geared towards adults.



Pimsleur is definitely one of the most well known names in the online language-learning world, especially for beginners. The audio lessons only cost $20 per month, and strongly emphasize the development of listening and speaking skills early on. This is great for improving both basic and more advanced verbal communication skills.

There are five levels in the Pimsleur French course, each containing 30 lessons. The lessons are well structured and build up in a gradual and reasonable pace, with each lesson preparing you for the next. Additionally, using this class can increase your learning speed, includes a user-friendly design and provides a variety of native French speakers.

This is a quality course that mostly caters to those who learn best using both auditory and aural techniques, but other types of learners can certainly benefit to a certain extent from this course as well.


Starting at just $38.60 for a three month period, Ouino uses a more academic approach to teaching languages that appeals to both visual and aural learners. The lessons are presented as text with color-coded words to indicate their importance, as well as read aloud to provide essential listening practice.
The structure of the exercises may not be as intuitive as some other courses out there, but it’s excellent if you need lots of practice and repetition to help with solid retention, and offers quality instruction with a variety of different practice activities.

All in all, The Ouino French course is ideal for students that already have some experience with French, and doesn’t require you to start off with the first lesson. Hence, you can jump into the lesson you need, then Ouino will take you to the next lesson.


For many people, the best type of language practice you can get comes from a real tutor. It’s hard to beat real-time feedback and personalized instruction, and it’s a known fact that the efficacy level of the tutor experience is boosted with quality curriculum. Lingoda delivers well in this arena – starting at just $56 per month for group classes and $132 for private sessions, they bring these two key components together to provide superb structure and live instruction.

The group French classes on Lingoda consist of two to four people, which makes it a good option for learners who prefer small group study over a private setting. With over 600 lessons to choose from, this class offers valuable practice for learners at all levels. Plus, there’s no need to take these lessons consecutively, so you can start your French language journey at any lesson / level that’s right for you.
Lesson scheduling with a native speaker is fairly flexible, with teachers available at almost any time of day or night. These teachers will provide you with lots of speaking practice and very well structured lessons.


The large chunk of Memrise’s content is user-created and free to use, covering a huge range of vocabulary and study topics, along with varying lesson quality. Some lessons contain audio and pictures, others are simply flashcards of words with their correct translations, which makes Memrise ideal for people of all learning types.

The official Memrise courses offer a lot more significant structure and value, especially for those on lower levels. Their courses only cost $9 per month, and include high-quality audio, a logical structure, and even videos of native speakers, all of which help create a top quality learning experience.
In addition to its fun and easy to use platform, one of the main features that makes Memrise so effective is its spaced repetition system (SRS). SRS helps learners to quickly and efficiently cement new items to long-term memory.

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