Best Online Grocery Store Delivery Services For Seniors

A newer concept for some, grocery deliveries to the customer’s home is not a new thing. Local supermarkets and grocery stores, especially in locations like New York City, have been making home deliveries for decades already. But, what is new is the ability to virtually shop the store and place your order online, thanks to the magic of the internet.

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With the advent of smart phones and modern online commerce, virtual shopping and subsequent home delivery has greatly grown (such as Amazon). However, the COVID situation really made this arena explode, especially in the areas of necessities. Of course, the most basic necessity is food. So, to bring the convenience and safety of online grocery shopping and delivery to the masses, many online grocery shopping and delivery companies were started.

For seniors, this was an especially positive event. Even without the considerations regarding COVID, many seniors find it difficult to impossible to conduct the normal trek to the supermarket and schlepping all the stuff back home. Better yet, seniors have a much easier time finding items on sale and special diet items online in their home versus being physically in the market. Plus, many seniors have resorted to eating out or restaurant delivery to avoid supermarket shopping, which is an expensive proposition. By using online grocery services as an option, seniors can save a good deal of money. Listed below are the best online grocery shopping and delivery services for seniors.


Amazon Fresh

For Amazon Prime members (of which there are around 100 million of them), the famous online commerce company provides this grocery service. AmazonFresh’s main feature is its speed. Their system allows customers to schedule an order at a specific time slot and indicate whether or not someone will be home when the delivery arrives. Plus, if there are delays getting an order delivered, careful packaging with coolants in insulated containers ensures that perishables will not spoil or wilt.

Stores you can shop from include both Whole Foods inventory and Amazon’s proprietary groceries, household products, and health and beauty items. With membership, delivery is free for orders over $40.


This twenty year old company is one of the originals in this business. They are based in New York and serve the northeastern region of the U.S. Their “FreshDirect” name connotes fresh produce, but the store’s comprehensive inventory includes wine, spirits, household and beauty products, baby needs, and pet supplies. Their delivered food comes straight from the food source, not a retail outlet store, so its customers can experience the freshest deliveries possible. In fact, the company’s produce, seafood, and meat has even been considered by many consumers to be better than the highly rated Whole Foods. The minimum order for home deliveries is $30 for most areas. With membership, the delivery fee depends on the area and ranges from $5.99 to $15.99.


As their name implies, Instacart provides fast and easy ordering and delivery. They operate in most of the country and all you have to do is put in your zip code on their site, and all your local shopping options will be available. You can choose from stores like Whole Foods, Publix, CostCo, CVS, and even PetCo. They use independent shoppers to go to your selected store near you and pick out your desired items and then deliver them to you straight away. This allows your ordered groceries to be delivered within two hours or even within one hour at a higher fee. Instacart’s pricing remains competitive, and its customer service department is consistently helpful and proactive in addressing service issues.


Shipt operates in over 30 states and while not as fast as Instacart, they usually do provide same day delivery. They provide deliveries from a wide range of stores including Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Meijer, Winn-Dixie, H-E-B, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, and even Target (their new parent company). With a monthly membership fee of $15, purchases of $35 or more have no delivery charge. They have a very useful comparative pricing feature which can help you save money plus they are known for excellent customer service. Another nice feature is that they give you a window of time to change your order after it has been placed.

Walmart – Postmates

The very large and famous discount chain – which includes supermarkets – has teamed up with the delivery company Postmates to provide a grocery delivery service. They allow you to take advantage of Walmart’s low discounted prices without having to leave your home. Walmart personal shoppers fill your order and then Postmates delivers it. The personal shoppers undergo a three-week-long training program to assure that they select the freshest and best quality items when filling your order. Unlike their competitors, they do not require any membership or subscription fees. Same day delivery is usually available for a $10 fee and their minimum order is only $30.

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