Best Online Makeup Schools

The world of makeup is a vast and successful industry that is always in high demand. Apart from improving your daily makeup routine, studying professional makeup artistry and technique is vital if you dream about working in films, Broadway shows, weddings, etc. Nowadays, you can achieve this dream online.

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No matter how little experience you may have, you can find various makeup courses online that will suit your level from reputable and fully accredited schools and academies stationed in the US and various other countries. While there may be many free or almost free makeup tutorial videos on YouTube channels, there is simply no substitute for professional makeup classes and training. These makeup courses will provide you with all the tools you need to become a fully certified makeup artist, get hired, and even start your own business one day if you so wish.

The total cost, conditions, features, curriculum and length of study time for your desired makeup course all widely vary, and you may be required to complete and pass some in person “hands on face” practice in order to receive your certificate.

With that being said, let’s glide right into it. These are some of the best online makeup courses being offered by top rated and fully accredited cosmetology schools.

Makeup Artistry: Basic to Master class - Udemy

Udemy’s best selling makeup course, Basic To Master, will teach you the basics of applying makeup step-by-step. You will become familiar with everything – from daily makeup to evening makeup, along with makeup application on different skin tones, face shapes and eye shapes. Plus, you will be taught by Hajar, an expert in the beauty industry, who will show you via live demonstrations an array of incredible methods of applying makeup on different clients. You will learn everything about sanitation, hygiene, color theory, primers, skin preparations, foundations etc.

Udemy’s courses only take an average of 6.5 hours to complete. Some are great for beginners, others are geared towards intermediary and advanced students who want to enhance their skills further. They also cover other important extras, such as guidelines on brushes, highlighting, contouring, natural eye makeup, shaping eyebrows, applying false eyelashes, makeup and preparing for appointments, client consultations, etc.

With Udemy courses, you also get: A 30 – day money – back guarantee, free downloadable resources, full lifetime access, access via mobile and TV, and a certificate of completion.

The London Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM)

The London Academy Of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) is one of the top-rated online makeup schools in the world. Getting your training with AOFM will give you a broader and deeper understanding of professional freelance work. You will also get lots of incredible benefits, including the opportunity to get trained personally with world-renowned professional makeup artists throughout the course. Plus, the diploma is given and recognized internationally.

Their courses take around 4 – 5 months to complete and are spread out across 19 modules that consist of 400 educational videos, covering a diverse range of expertise, such as special effects, bridal styling, and creative makeup. After graduation, students will be offered annual work placements, along with free aftercare makeup masterclasses and training opportunities with top brands. If you desire, you can also join their team at fashion week in London, New York, Paris and Milan.

Another great benefit is that you receive a bundle of essential makeup supplies, including a 25 piece brush set, a pro makeup kit from MAC, a starter kit from Dermalogica with a set of Barbara Carranza’s famous eyebrow tweezers, and AOFM’s Pro-face charts.

Vizio Makeup Academy

Vizio Makeup Academy is a great place to master a wide range of makeup trends. Whether you choose the foundation online makeup classes, master classes, primer or elite classes, all their courses will help you become a certified professional makeup artist. This school is superb for those who are aspiring to get into film and television, or wish to become a wedding industry specialist.

One of the biggest benefits of these courses is that you get lifetime access and regular feedback from celebrity makeup artists, landing Vizio a solid place in the makeup artistry spotlight. With Vizio, you will learn and receive the following:

● History of makeup
● Choosing the right foundation for different skin tone
● Using 24 pro brush set
● Building pro makeup kit
● Color theory
● Contour, highlight and blend
● Face charts
● Deciding the right makeup according to the face structure
● Creating a natural makeup look
● Smokey eye makeup
● Sanitizing the brush
● Sanitization guidelines

The course duration averages at about 20 – 220 hours, depending on the course you choose and your dedication. Another benefit of becoming a student with Vizio Academy is that you get to enjoy fantastic discounts on their makeup supplies. You will also be awarded a professional makeup artist certificate after course completion.

QC Academy

Jumpstart your makeup artistry career with QC Academy’s interactive online MUA training. After you enroll, you will receive one-on-one mentoring and feedback from three of QC’s well-trained and well-experienced makeup masters: Nathan Johnson, Chantal Mariani and Michele Mulkey.

In addition to the online course text and video lessons, you will also get more than ample hands-on training time through practical assignments. Plus, you will also get the full business training required to start your own career, earning this academy top rankings in the beauty industry. The study duration is about two months, and once you finish and pass your training, you will receive an internationally recognized professional makeup artistry certification. Better yet, all the courses include a makeup starter kit at no additional cost. QC Academy graduates can also take advantage of special discounts on makeup products offered by QC’s makeup partners.

Another highlight of the school is that students can apply for the MAC pro student membership for discounts on MAC products, both in-store and online.
You’ll get to choose from a variety of online makeup classes, including:

● Skincare course
● Makeup Artistry
● Master Makeup Artistry
● Pro Makeup Workshop

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