Best Online Meditation Classes

Do you often find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, unbalanced or overwhelmed? Are you an overthinker, or perhaps struggling with certain physical pains, unhealthy habits or addictions? If this sounds like you, then there’s a wonderful, natural way in which to find inner-peace, center yourself and achieve goals – meditation classes.

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People from cultures around the world, such as India and Tibet, have been practicing and teaching a variety of meditative techniques for thousands of years. When practiced with focus on a regular basis, meditation possesses an incredible ability to calm your mind and spirit. It can help you think more clearly and let go of built up stress and anxiety, achieve goals and desires easier, boost your physical and mental health, enhance your feelings of gratitude and joy, increase your self-esteem and more. It may seem like some magical power that only highly enlightened spiritual and blessed individuals can achieve, but you’ll be surprised just how effective these classes can be for anyone on any level.

Better yet, thanks to the internet, you now have the ability to join and access an online meditation class from the familiar comforts of your home or anywhere you happen to be. Although there are many free online classes, the more sophisticated ones are much more valuable and worthwhile, involving a reasonable monthly or yearly subscription fee.

It’s time to unfold your meditation mat and relax. Listed below are some of the best and top rated online meditation classes that will quickly lead you to a state of zen.

Meditation Class

Meditation for Everyday Life – By David Nichtern

This 5 star rated online meditation course on is specially geared for beginners and those who are seeking a short and comprehensive journey to all the meditation basics, including posture, breathing, and focus. The meditation teacher, David Nichtern, is an experienced Buddhist teacher who will patiently and gently show you how to meditate in the best ways possible for 15-30 minutes daily. The goal of this online class is to learn how to effectively clear your mind, lower your stress and increase your physical and positive spiritual energy.

The videos in Nichtern’s meditation course focuses on stillness as an essential method to treat yourself with forgiveness and kindness. In addition, you also get to enjoy live Q&A sessions that can enhance the opportunity for more valuable insight. Moreover, after thoroughly introducing meditation to learners, Nichtern teaches how to develop and strengthen their “Compassion for Ourselves & Others”, and “Happiness and Joy”, along with “How to Go Forward”. Learners also get his “Cultivating Mindfulness” E-Book and two other PDF resources to refer to whenever they wish as they gradually incorporate more meditation into their day to day lives.

Suitable for: All levels
Cost: $39 per month

The M-Word – By Emily Fletcher, Mindvalley

In this course from the Mindvalley platform, the Instructor Emily Fletcher will teach you and guide you into an “optimized form of meditation”. The M Word is a simple and intuitive meditation format, designed for busy and hard working individuals who don’t get a lot of free time in an average day.
A former Broadway actress, Emily aims to help you raise your vibration and confidence level, sleep better, and have more energy when you need it. With due diligence, she assures that you can achieve this within 33 days, requiring just 1 lesson a day.

The course consists of two parts. In part one, named “Up Leveling your Meditation”, you will be introduced to the Balancing Breath meditation and the Effortless Silence technique, among many others. In part two, “Up Leveling your Life”, you will master your newly acquired meditative knowledge by applying it to real-life problems, visualize your future and hack your stress levels, also known as the fight-or-flight instinct.

By the end of this course, you should possess enhanced creativity and intuition, awakening what Emily calls an “incredible peak performance”. This class is especially suited for those looking for a healthy, balanced way to increase their personal and professional productivity.

Most Suitable For: Beginners
Price: $99 per month

Meditation for Relaxation – Sura Kim

Created and instructed by the certified Meditation Coach Sura Kim, her “21- Day High-Definition Online Meditation Course” on the Sura Flow platform provides students with a series of guided meditations. You’ll be encouraged to practice daily journal prompts, relaxation techniques and instructions that will help you further enhance your practice.

The lessons gradually progress from learning how to sit properly, breathe deeply, and raise your self-awareness in various ways. Learners will also benefit from Sura’s essential calming techniques, visualizations, “Affirming Your Inherent Wholeness”, and “Relaxation through Yogic Sleep”.
By the end of this class, you should have a healthier overall outlook of yourself and life, along with a full arsenal of meditation practice that you can use to enhance your daily life.

Best Suited For: Beginners
Cost: $99 per month

Quantum Jumping – By Burt Goldman

If you have a truly adventurous, brave and daring spirit, then look no further. Quantum Jumping, led by Burt Goldman, is a powerful, advanced and highly effective meditation program. If you have the desire to “reinvent yourself” or explore “alternative versions of yourself in the multiverse”, then this class promises to help you do just that.

This fascinating visualization technique aims to help you gain wisdom and inspiration to craft the life and persona you truly want. While the topic of the existence of alternate universes is still controversial and debatable, the late mind science expert Burt Goldman has brought together extensive research on hypnosis, meditation, visualization and altered states into one technique to back up this theory.

Quantum Jumping helps people find their breakthroughs, master a new skill, heal themselves, find solutions to challenging problems, experience abundance, financial wealth, purposeful careers, or loving relationships. It can break down fears, doubts and mental barriers that are holding you back, allowing you to accomplish minor and major life goals and dreams.

Most Suitable For: Advanced
Cost: $99

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