Best Online Schools That Provide a Laptop

Getting a college degree has become easy and convenient for many people thanks to the large number of online degree programs available. However, in addition to a strong and stable internet connection, you will need a modern and well equipped laptop computer as well. This can present a financial burden for many prospective students.

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Thankfully, a great number of these colleges offering online degrees recognize this problem, and have responded by providing their online students with free or greatly discounted laptops to use for their studies. Some of these schools give you the laptop to keep as part of the tuition you pay. Others provide a laptop via a low cost rental or free loaner program – and the laptop must be returned to the school when you graduate. The majority of these schools prioritize students with the greatest financial need – similar to the way they determine eligibility for tuition financial aid.

In almost all cases, the school will provide you with a laptop that is not only modern, but also equipped with the software and accessories you need to successfully do your course work. Also, special technical support is made available to their students. The following schools that provide laptops to their students are all fully accredited and highly ranked.


Indiana State University

Indiana State University is in the top 200 public universities in the country. It also ranks in the top 400 of all national universities. They offer many different online degree programs:

– Bachelor of Science in Marketing
– Bachelor of Science in Psychology
– Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology
– Master of Arts in History
– Master of Science in Computer Science

You can do your online degree program with a discounted laptop or a free laptop, depending on your individual circumstances. You also get technical support from Indiana State for the laptop and a $100 Dell gift card to purchase accessories from the Dell Store.

Free laptops are provided to students that are admitted to the university and who are eligible for Pell Grants. Average Undergraduate Tuition Per Year: $9,318

University of Minnesota-Crookston

This school ranks very highly in U.S. News & World Report’s college rankings. It also ranks 25th among regional colleges in the midwest. The laptop program at Minnesota-Crookston began in 2009 and is still going strong today in the form of the UMC Advantage program. You can choose from a wide variety of degrees at Minnesota-Crookston, including:

– Accounting
– Finance
– Criminal Justice
– English
– Sport and Recreation Management

You can also add an online minor or certificate program to your degree major. Average Undergraduate Tuition Per Year: $10,822

Colorado Technical University

This school has a number of online programs ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News & World Report. For example, CTU has the 52nd-best online master’s degree in computer information technology. The school also has the 61st-ranked master’s program in criminal justice. There are many scholarships and grants recognized by the university that come with free laptops.

CTU offers various degrees from associate’s up to doctorates. Popular options include:

– Associate of Arts in Business Administration
– Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
– Master of Science in Nursing
– Ph.D. in Management <p. Average Undergraduate Tuition Per Year: $12,573

Northwest Missouri State University

This is a public four-year university. It ranks 31st among top public schools and 101st among regional universities in the Midwest. It’s also an extremely affordable option with some of the lowest tuition rates of schools. When you enroll at Northwest Missouri State, you get a free laptop and free textbooks. The school issues the latest HP laptops to students, so you have the hardware needed for online learning.

Popular subjects at Northwest include:

– Business
– Nursing
– Education
– Accounting
– Psychology

Average Undergraduate Tuition Per Year: $11,065 (in-state); $18649 (out-of-state)

Dakota State University

They rank 20th among public universities. It also ranks 82nd among regional universities in the Midwest. The school’s laptop program is called the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative (WMCI). The program began in 2004, and gives full-time first-year students a laptop before the start of school in the fall.

You can use your new laptop to study various degree programs. For example, you can choose to major in:

– Artificial Intelligence
– Cyber Leadership and Intelligence
– Analytics
– Professional Accountancy
– Web Development

Degrees are available at the associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels. Average Undergraduate Tuition Per Year: $8,834 (in-state); $11,937 (out-of-state). Both figures include fees.

University of Arkansas Grantham

This public school is part of the University of Arkansas system. You can work on your studies on a new Lenovo laptop, too. Incoming students that qualify receive the laptop free of charge. They have received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating online. Part of the reason it’s highly reviewed is the low tuition costs. Military members pay just $250 per credit. Traditional undergrads pay only $295 per credit.

Popular subjects available include:

– Accounting
– Computer Science
– Strategic Communications
– Criminal Justice
– Health Systems Management

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