Best Online Stores To Buy Apparel For Women Over 50

Many women of all ages enjoy a fun and refreshing shopping spree every now and then. But seniors tend to feel a bit left out, even if they’re physically fit, because fashion stores are typically geared towards teenagers and younger adults. Mature women often crave higher quality and classiness.

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Does your wardrobe seem to be out of style? Well, the good news is, if you know where to go, you won’t have any trouble finding just what you desire. Whether it be complementary and good quality blouses, pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, hats, under-garments, bags, shoes, jewelry, or a combination- the possibilities are endless. And the best part is, if you’ve got a tight daily schedule, don’t drive, or simply don’t enjoy shopping at physical stores, there is a plethora of cool and user-friendly online stores available for you to choose from. Plus, if you need larger sizes or you’re on a specific budget, no problem. There are also lots of online stores that carry beautiful and fashionable pieces of all sizes for attractive, lower prices.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your credit card with confidence. It’s time to go on an online shopping spree. Listed below are some of the top online stores to buy apparel for mature women.



If your younger daughter or granddaughter enjoys online apparel shopping, you might feel inclined to buy the same apparel as she does, because it’s cute. But chances are, it just won’t fit you very well, or it won’t be what you really want. But there’s no need to settle for less. If you’re searching for stunning trends designed for senior women that will last a long time, then search no more. Chico’s online apparel store has all the styles and designs that wiser women love for all occasions – from colorful to simple, from casual to business. They also carry smaller and larger sizes as well.

Chico’s bag of goodies include: Irresistible, limited time deals throughout the year, such as a mix and match sale on selected bracelets, Chico’s Rewards+” for birthdays and other exclusive perks, giftcards, easy and interest – free payments, 24/7 “StyleConnect” where you can get professional fashion assistance, reliable shipping and return policies, and a very convenient Chico’s app for your smartphone.

Top- Rated Item: Travelers Classic Ikat Print Tunic
Chico’s Price: $98.45

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a superb choice if you want to stick with the middle ground. In other words, we’re talking about the “not too mature, yet not too immature” look. If this sounds like you, then Ann Taylor is bound to make you smile. Plus, there’s a good chance that your stylish daughter/granddaughter will love them too. Trendy, super cute and comfortable dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags, jewelry, you name it. Ann Taylor’s got you covered.

Ann Taylor’s bag of goodies include: Free shipping with online purchases of at least $150.00 or more, limited time sales and deals at certain times of the year, Online- only sales, an “All Rewards Loyalty Program” that offers exclusive membership – only deals, easy and interest – free payments with purchases between $30.00 – $1,500.00 with PayPal, and decent return/exchange policies on many items.

Top- Rated Item: Leather Strappy Mule Sandals
Ann Taylor’s Price: $128.00


Although it may not be as well known as some other online stores, such as Ann Taylor or Nordstroms, many women would tell you that Anthropologie deserves more notoriety. This is another growing hit with the younger adults and senior women of our nation. Apart from their wide selection of pretty and versatile apparel for all ages, Anthropologie online store also boasts an entire home department named “AnthroLiving” which sells everything you can think of for your home, such as decor, furniture, gardening, bedding, kitchen supplies and more. So you can rejuvenate your closet and home all in one place.

Anthropologie’s bag of goodies includes: Special sales and discounts at various times of year, easy and interest free payments using Karna or Afterpay, free In-Store pickup, free online returns on certain items, “AnthroPerks” members enjoy free standard shipping with purchases of $50.00 or higher, and relatively decent return and exchange policies.

Top-Rated Item: MOTHER The Hustler- High-Rise Ankle Fray Jeans
Anthropologie’s Price: $198.00


If you want cute but very affordable, and don’t care about overall material quality, then Walmart is definitely a go-to. Aside from their sheer vastness of items, Walmart also carries them in an array of different hues and color schemes, so you’ll find the perfect color to go with your outfit.

Walmart’s bag of goodies includes: fast, free and reliable shipping, free returns within 30 days from day of purchase, good range of sizes and attractive sales throughout the year and more.

Top-Rated Item: LAPA – Women’s Sleeveless Floral Maxi Long Dress- V Neck Empire Waist
Walmart’s Price: $24.00


If your interested in an alternative competitor to Walmart and Amazon, LightInTheBox is #1. Very few online stores can beat this mega online store when it comes to their super affordable prices, fairly decent quality, and variety of styles and color schemes.

Lightinthebox’s bag of goodies include: Exclusive 10% discount when you use their mobile app from google play or apple store, online help center, various discounts, special clearance sales, trustworthy and fast delivery, and good return/ exchange policies.

Top-Rated Item: Women’s Handbags- Satchel Messenger Bag- Top Handle – PU Leather Zipper Daily- Royal Blue
LightInTheBox’s Price: $25.30

Final Thoughts

No matter what your personal fashion taste, one of the aforementioned online stores are sure to have what you’ve been looking for. Buying online, however, does come with its ups and downs. You might get an item that doesn’t fit you or isn’t what you ordered altogether. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly check the specific shipping, return and exchange policies first

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