Best Online Yoga Classes For Seniors

Are you into physical and mental wellness, but have difficulty getting to a yoga center? Or perhaps you simply prefer to unwind and de-stress in the familiar comforts of your home? In today’s day and age of internet and technology, online yoga classes are steadily rising in popularity.

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It’s not hard to see why. Online yoga classes can save you a lot of money, time and energy, especially if you don’t drive or have a hectic schedule. But before you start your first online yoga session, it’s wise to be well prepared. First things first, you need a fast and reliable internet connection so that the video sessions will play smoothly. Then, clean and empty a space in your home that’s large enough for you to do any exercise without limitations or discomfort. Next, place a mat and a few small pillows nearby for your head, arms and legs, along with any other objects that you’d like to practice with. Additionally, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes that stretch easily with every movement.

It’s time to achieve a relaxed body and calm, centered mind. Listed below are some of the top rated online yoga classes for seniors that are worth checking out.


Yoga With Adriene

Are you looking for a good, short term yoga program that you want to start right away, but prefer not to pay for one? No problem. Yoga With Adriene‘s totally free 30-day program offers a different exercise every day. There are also sessions called Gentle Yoga, Wheelchair Yoga, and Chair Yoga for seniors who may not be able to keep up with more advanced or physically demanding sessions.

Every class focuses on a particular set of postures, breathing exercises, and flows as part of this free course. The average length of a session is around 25 minutes, with some being considerably shorter and others lasting more than half an hour. This program is suited for seniors, especially beginners, due to the slower pace, easier instructional levels, and other helpful modifications.

If you enjoy monthly routines, subscribe to Adrienne’s Yoga YouTube channel, where she offers over 500 types of sessions, including yoga for runners, yoga for kids, yoga for back pain, and more.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a super affordable and customized yoga membership service that provides weekly online yoga classes, tailored to match your individual ability, requirements, and objectives that you can do at your own pace. It also offers senior-friendly yoga, private classes and a beginner’s program.

The Daily Burn app will create a yoga schedule tailored to your specific fitness goals with just a few simple questions. When you’re done, you can then search for routines from over 30 different categories, such as weight loss and balance improvement. Finding time during the day or evening for a session is easy, with workouts ranging from only about 15 to 45 minutes.

The platform also has one of the most generous free trial periods of any fitness app. Plus, it offers a $10-per-month yoga-only membership. As an additional option, you can also pay around $20 per month to upgrade to the standard membership.


Need a break from the stress of life? Try Jennifer Pansa’s online Deep Relief class. This intermediate class has received the highest rating for stress relief.
Are you feeling a bit tense or anxious? Deep Relief is a 30-minute yoga practice designed to put your mind at ease. Pansa will guide you through a sequence of positions and breathwork to help harmonize and rebalance your energy. It has many senior-friendly yoga exercises which you can easily find on the website.

If you’re not a newcomer to yoga, you should be able to flow through the postures with a few modifications in this class. If you remain dedicated, all that physical and mental stress should be gone by the end of each class.

YogiApproved‘s online membership program includes Jennifer Pansa’s Deep Relief. Yoga, barre, exercise and meditation sessions are all included in your $14.00 monthly subscription. Better yet, you get a 14-day free trial to see whether you like it.

Yoga International

If you’re a middle – advanced leveled yogi and can afford a higher expense, Yoga International’s online sessions and programs are ideal if you wish to learn more. Their “Yoga for seniors” class bundle is highly recommended, which you can purchase for 125.00$.

Yoga International can help you progress even further with yoga with some of the top certified instructors in the world. The website is touted as “the world’s most diversified yoga site,” connecting customers with over 500 experienced instructors in yoga, meditation, anatomy, and other subjects.
For example, you can take a 15-day yoga challenge or classes on Ayurveda, yoga to ease menopause symptoms, or Jill Miller Core Integration. Some classes are exclusively for premium members, but there are also some that you can buy for a one-time fee.

They offer two types of memberships: $20.00 monthly or a $120.00 annual fee charged all at once, which is definitely a great deal, considering the high standard and quality of their yoga sessions.

Final Thoughts

As we age, our bodies tend to need more love and care. Apart from the mental and emotional benefits that yoga and other wellness practices can give you, it can also strengthen your body’s joints, boost your immune system, and improve blood circulation, balance and flexibility.


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